Strategic supply chain management is a critical part of any health, wellness, or beauty business.  We are living in era with a great deal of uncertainty, which can make it harder than ever for supply chain teams to simply operate efficiently, let alone create new competitive advantages.

The healthcare, beauty, and wellness industries are facing challenges related market volatility, talent shortages, digital maturity, and empowered consumers, among others. And yet:

  • 46% of consumers choose retailers based on shipping speed
  • 49% of consumers expect delivery within 7 days

These changes are forcing healthcare brands to rethink how they get their products to consumers, while creating new opportunities for direct to consumer channels. However, this ultimately brings a whole new set of challenges that supply chain leaders must understand and manage.

To help with planning, we’ve created an infographic that outlines six challenges healthcare, wellness and beauty organizations are facing. By understanding these challenges, supply chain leaders can make informed decisions when developing a more resilient, strategic future.