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Warehousing and Distribution

Have your warehouse management and distribution strategy designed and managed by Canada’s leading 3PL partner. With access to over 3 million sq. ft. of temperature-controlled facilities, and expertise in wholesale compliance, lot control, and cross-docking, our team is always ready to handle the most complex warehousing and distribution challenges.
Order Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment

Optimize your end-to-end fulfillment strategy with transport planning, shipping management, a national network of dedicated and shared distribution centres, and more.
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Leverage an inventory management plan that controls costs while optimizing the flow of inbound and outbound goods.
Packaging and Kitting

Packaging and Kitting

Optimize your supply chain and order fulfillment practices with packaging and kitting services executed in our facilities.
Health Canada Compliance Support

Health Canada Compliance Support

Our licensed facilities can help you meet Health Canada’s stringent standards.

See how people and technology are working together to improve productivity, safety and order accuracy.

Meet the Cobots

Order Fulfillment

The best customer service comes from a smooth order fulfillment process. We can build a fulfillment strategy that suits your unique business needs with:

  • GMP-compliant, temperature-controlled facilities
  • Dedicated and shared operations
  • Wholesale compliance to meet unique shipping requirements

An Agile Approach to a PPE Supply Chain

Learn More

Inventory Management

No matter how complex your inventory needs, we have your back. Improve the efficiency of your supply chain with a tailored inventory management solution that:

  • Employs asset tracking for greater visibility
  • Uses a robust WMS to manage cross-docking operations and lot control requirements
  • Manages products and equipment –including spare parts –with transparency

Packaging and Kitting

No matter how unique your packaging and kitting needs are, trust that our team can expertly fulfill your requests –and satisfy your customers, too.

Contract Packing Services

Leverage custom services –like sorting, stuffing, tagging, and labelling –to suit your organization’s high-volume packing needs.

Gift Wrapping

Let customers add a personalized touch to their orders on special occasions with gift wrapping services.


From placing batteries into devices to attaching security tags to apparel, deliver ready-to-use products with our custom assembly services.

Retail Displays and Demo Preparation

Have your products or equipment assembled, tested, and prepared for displays and demonstrations –available both on-site and in our facilities.

Kit to Stock and Kit to Order

Delight your customers with a fast and accurate kitting process, whether you ship stock or offer custom subscription kits.

Health Canada Compliance Support

From consumer wellness products to medical devices and healthcare supplies, our logistics compliance experts can help you design and execute your Canadian regulatory compliance strategy.

Certified Facilities

  • GMP certified
  • Health Canada licensed – NHP, DEL, MDEL
  • Licenced for Labelling & Packaging activities for Drug Products, Dairy Foods, Manufactured Foods, and Processed Fruits.
  • Segregated returns and quarantine areas

Innovative Expertise

  • Temperature control and humidity monitoring
  • In-house compliance and QA experts
  • Robust Quality Management Systems
  • Validated Warehouse Management Systems
  • Inbound inspections and QA
  • Integration with ERP platforms


A Direct-To-Consumer Healthcare Approach

To get into the market quickly with its COVID-19 test, SCI helped Cepheid localize their direct-to-consumer healthcare logistics in Canada.

Helping Communities Stay Safe

Learn how SCI mobilized an end-to-end logistics solution for the One Million Masks coalition, working with partners to distribute shipments of masks to local organizations throughout the province, including remote communities.

Scale Your Business with SCI

Expand your organization’s growth, reach, and success with Canada’s leading 3PL partner today.