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Transportation Management Services.

Let us act as your outsourced freight management department. Our end-to-end managed transportation services will handle all aspects of your inbound and outbound transportation needs.

Transportation Management Services

Transportation Management Services

Our end-to-end 3PL managed transportation solutions for B2C and B2B businesses enable us to act as your outsourced freight management department. Our transportation experts will work alongside your team to help optimize your transportation spend, scale up or down as needed, and provide the highest service levels.

Whether your business needs TL, LTL, air, parcel or last-mile solutions, with one contract and one relationship to manage you can trust SCI to handle your freight utilizing the quality transportation partner network that we’ve built over many years.

From our seamless multicarrier, multi-mode management to our progressive business intelligence and analytics, we use our expertise, partnerships, and trusted tools to deliver the most reliable, cost-efficient transportation solutions to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s growth.

SCI’s 3PL Transportation Management Services (TMS) Gives You

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Peace of Mind with Seamless Multicarrier, Multimode Carrier Performance Management

  • As part of our TMS solution we will plan which carriers to use, negotiate pricing for given service levels, and manage contracts. In addition, we manage the service performance, freight bill audits and payments.
  • You’ll have just one contract and can be rest assured that the right solution is being used at the right time.
  • Options include parcel, LTL, TL, intermodal, air, US-Canada cross-border brokerage.
  • At the point of fulfillment, we will also manage real-time outbound order rate shopping between partner carriers to choose the best price for a given level of service.
Control Tower TMS

Integration Capabilities for Complete Control Tower TMS

  • Take advantage of seamless order visibility from warehouse to delivery, with our fully integrated technologies including our WMS, back-office systems and external carrier partners.
  • Our solutions can also include freight tender and accept, exception management, track and trace, freight bill audit and settlement, and business analytics that enable the cost and performance management of the network.
  • For clients that prefer to contract directly with carriers, we operate as their Transportation Management Team.
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Increased Efficiency and Bolstered Resiliency with our Multi-Carrier Network

  • We help to eliminate the uncertainties in volatile freight markets by combining long term forecasts with contingency planning to increase resiliency for market and supply chain fluctuations.
  • Peak capacity transportation management services ensure reliable service and consistent capacity during volume inconsistencies.
  • SCI’s quality transportation partner network built over the years enables us to manage your unique transportation needs from coast-to-coast.
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Speed and Tracking Visibility with Courier and Last Mile Delivery

  • From expedited freight, same day, to next flight out (NFO) and delivery-to-home, we have a range of Last Mile Delivery options, providing the right service to meet your specific needs.
  • Real-time, step-by-step tracking provides on-time performance and transparency throughout the delivery.
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Cost-Effective Section 321 Cross-Border Shipping

  • Using the Section 321 exemption, SCI can help your DTC brand reduce duty and tariff costs by importing goods into our Canadian distribution centers and shipping individual orders cross-border to U.S. recipients, without affecting the customer experience. Our services include end-to-end visibility from

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Transparency and Optimization through Business Intelligence and Analytics

  • Our progressive technology and business analytics enable our transportation logistics experts to regularly monitor the health and performance of your network, balancing service levels and cost savings to help your business do better.

Frequently Asked Transportation Management Questions

What is 3PL transportation management and how does it work?

Third-party logistics (3PL) transportation management involves outsourcing transportation and logistics functions to a third-party provider. A 3PL transportation management service typically provides services such as carrier selection, shipment tracking, and freight bill auditing. The provider may also handle additional logistics functions, such as warehousing, inventory management, and order fulfillment. Ultimately the client will only need one contract and one provider for all their transportation and logistics needs.

Using a 3PL transportation management service can provide several benefits for your business, including increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved supply chain visibility, and access to a wider range of transportation options. A 3PL provider can leverage their expertise, technology, and carrier relationships to optimize routes and transportation operations, negotiate better rates, improve delivery times, and provide up-to-date tracking and reporting. Another benefit of this model is that the client only needs to work with one contract and one provider for all their transportation and logistics needs.

When selecting a 3PL transportation management service provider, consider factors such as experience, technology capabilities, supply chain network and infrastructure, and customer service. Choose a provider with experience in your industry and a reputation for delivering high-quality services. Look for a provider with integrated technologies including WMS, back-office systems, and external carrier partners. Other technology capabilities should include up-to-date tracking and reporting, and business intelligence tools to improve visibility and decision-making. The right provider should have a resilient, multi-carrier network, and provide cost-effective Section 321 cross-border shipping. Also evaluate the provider’s customer service to ensure that they are responsive and able to meet your needs.

A 3PL transportation management service will work alongside your team to help optimize your transportation operations and spend, scale up or down as needed, provide up-to-date visibility into transportation performance, and identify opportunities for improvement. With a 3PL provider you can access advanced technology, progressive business intelligence and analytics, multi-node transportation and fulfillment networks, strategic partnerships, and the expertise needed to streamline your logistics process, reduce costs, and improve overall supply chain performance.

This can be done through route optimization software, carrier selection, and consolidation. Route optimization software analyzes multiple factors to create the most efficient shipping route, reducing distance and fuel used. 3PLs often have relationships with a wide range of carriers and can negotiate rates to select the most cost-effective option based on the needs of each shipment. Transportation management service providers can also consolidate multiple shipments from different clients into one shipment, which reduces transportation costs for each client.

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