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Large Item Home Delivery.

Expand your online reach and increase ecommerce sales by enabling the buying and delivery of large products online. Enable direct shipping to your consumer’s homes using SCI’s Home Delivery service.

Large Item Home Delivery

Want to expand your online reach and increase ecommerce sales by offering large-sized products online, but worried about the complex delivery? Enable direct shipping to your consumer’s homes using SCI’s Large Item Home Delivery service.

Our full-service home delivery logistics solutions of big and bulky consumer goods offers an exceptional final mile delivery experience with appointment scheduling, pre-delivery calls to the consumer, and an online survey of the delivery experience.

SCI’s Home Delivery solution offers complete visibility of the delivery from your distribution center, to SCI’s cross dock terminal nearest to the consumer, to the last mile delivery to home. We eliminate the complexity of large item home delivery, providing a last mile customer experience like no other.

Why let SCI manage your next Large Item Home Delivery?

Simple, Seamless Communication

Our single point of contact customer service offers real-time communication for appointment scheduling, exception management and everything in between.

Convenient delivery service options

Choose from curbside, cross the threshold, room of choice, White Glove (unpack, install and remove packaging) and more, to meet your customers’ every need.

Peace of Mind with Up-to-Date Visibility

Online access to milestone updates during middle mile, or live GPS tracking in the last mile, our technology gives you visibility to the status of the shipment and delivery time.

An emphasis on Customer Experience

With a focus on exceptional customer service, we offer easy survey tools for consumers to rate their delivery experience, so we always have an eye on continuous improvement.

Seamless Returns

With the higher rate of returns recently, we offer a smooth and easy pickup experience when a shipment needs to be returned to the retailer. Pick up scheduling and arrival updates are just two of the ways SCI provides valuable transparency to the customer.

Professional Delivery Teams

We offer reliable, professional delivery teams across Canada who are experience in handling all types of items, so you can rest assured that your shipment will arrive on time and in good condition.

Whatever customers want, SCI can deliver

Patio sets
Gym Equipment
Outdoor BBQs
Indoor / Outdoor Spas
Televisions (Large Screens and Plasma/LCDs)

Frequently Asked Large Item Home Delivery Questions

What is large item home delivery and how does it work?

Large item home delivery refers to the delivery of large items, such as furniture, appliances, and electronics, directly to a customer’s home or business. Large item home delivery service typically involves the use of specialized equipment and trained personnel to transport and install items in the customer’s desired location.

Offering large item home delivery can provide several benefits for your ecommerce business, including increased sales and improved customer satisfaction. By offering delivery directly to the customer’s home or business, you can eliminate the need for customers to transport large items themselves, which can improve the overall customer experience and increase sales.

There are several different types of large item home delivery services available, including standard delivery, white glove delivery, and threshold delivery. Standard delivery involves delivering the item to the customer’s doorstep, while white glove delivery involves bringing the item into the customer’s home, unpacking it, and installing it in the desired location. Threshold delivery involves delivering the item to the first available dry area, such as a garage, front hallway, or foyer.

To ensure that your large items are delivered safely and securely, choose a reputable large item home delivery service provider with experience in handling and transporting large items. Make sure that the provider has the necessary equipment and personnel to handle your specific items, and communicate any special requirements or instructions to the provider to ensure that your items are delivered to your specifications.

When selecting a large item home delivery service provider, consider factors such as experience, reputation, pricing, and customer service. Choose a provider with experience in delivering the types of items that you sell, and check references to ensure that the provider has a reputation for delivering high-quality services. They should offer professional delivery teams and convenient delivery service options including curbside, cross the threshold, room of choice, or white glove. Experienced home delivery services may include real-time, seamless, bilingual customer support, as well as post-delivery customer surveys. Companies may also offer seamless returns with pick-up scheduling and arrival updates.

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