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3PL Transportation Solutions.

SCI provides an end-to-end strategic approach to your 3PL transportation service needs.

SCI’s Breadth of Agile 3PL Transportation Solutions

Our value lies in the ability to understand your business and identify where the most effective improvements can be made and how to optimize operations to stay ahead of your competitors. From inbound through to the final mile, our transportation team will provide you with the capability, flexibility, and scalability you need to ensure your products arrive safely and on time.

Transportation Management Services
Transportation Management Services
White Glove Delivery Icon
White Glove Delivery Services
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Large Item Home Delivery

Transportation Management Services

Let us act as your outsourced freight management department. Our end-to-end managed transportation services will handle all aspects of your inbound and outbound transportation needs.

From our seamless multicarrier, multi-mode management to our progressive business intelligence and analytics, we use our expertise, partnerships, and trusted tools to deliver the most reliable, cost-efficient logistics and transportation services for your supply chain.

White Glove Delivery Services

Ensure your complex and high-value shipments are delivered with precision and care with SCI’s dedicated trucks and highly experienced teams.

Whether your shipment is fragile, oversized or needs specialized installation, SCI’s highly trained, professional teams can deliver end-to-end logistics including: supply chain, assembly, configuration, delivery, and installation.

Large Item Home Delivery

Expand your online reach and increase sales by enabling the buying and delivery of large products online. SCI offers full-service, best-in-class home delivery services for big and bulky consumer goods directly to consumers’ homes.

We eliminate the complexity of home delivery to deliver a final mile customer experience that is unrivaled. From curbside, cross the threshold, to room of choice, and White Glove (unpack, install and remove packaging), SCI has reliable and professional teams across Canada.

Why Choose SCI?

Our unique combination of national coverage, forward-thinking expertise, progressive technology, and asset-based capabilities means we can design transportation solutions that fit your current supply chain needs and adapt as your business grows.

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Transportation Expertise

We work with you to understand your business and identify where the most effective improvements can be made to optimize operations

Cost Management Icon

Cost Management

Cash flow that’s on time and accurate, with one contract and one relationship to manage

Resiliency Icon


Our long-term forecasts and flexible contingency plans help your business navigate supply chain fluctuations

Flexibility Icon


SCI can seamlessly switch between our multi-carrier networks to avoid delays, getting your delivery to its destination as fast as possible

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Progressive Technology

Using the latest technology to monitor the health of your network, we can balance service levels and costs to help your bottom line stay healthy

Cross Border Icon

From Coast-to-Coast and Across the Border

Rely on a seamless multi-carrier national network, with cross-country and cross-border capabilities

Real Time Visibility Icon

Real-Time Visibility

With GPS technology that tells you where your shipment is and when it will arrive

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Dedicated Fleet

Specialty trucks and delivery equipment; more than 90% of deliveries use our own assets and driver teams

Cross-Border Shipment Services

Make it easier to manage your cross-border shipments between US and Canada.

SCI are experts in Canada-to-US fulfillment in LTL and TL modes, and we can enable unique cross-border e-commerce fulfillment strategies such as Section 321 which takes advantage of duty-free online shopping opportunities for US-based consumers.

Our experts can navigate trade regulations and provide end-to-end planning and project management to help you reduce costs and make your cross-border shipping process more seamless.

Find Out More About Section 321.

Frequently Asked Transportation Solutions Questions

What is 3PL transportation and how does it work?

Third-party logistics (3PL) transportation refers to outsourcing logistics and transportation services to a third-party provider. 3PL providers offer a range of transportation and logistics services, including TL, LTL, air, parcel, white glove, and last mile solutions, as well as warehousing, and distribution. From inbound through to final mile, a 3PL transportation provider offers the capability, flexibility, and scalability needed to ensure your products arrive safely and on time. By outsourcing these services, businesses can focus on their core competencies and reduce transportation costs.

There are several benefits to using a 3PL transportation solution for your business, including cost savings, improved efficiency, and access to a wider range of transportation options. 3PL providers can negotiate better rates with carriers, optimize routes, and provide up-to-date tracking and reporting. This allows businesses to reduce transportation costs, improve delivery times, and streamline the management of their supply chain.

Factors to consider include experience in your industry, a strong reputation for reliability and customer services, and progressive technology capabilities. An expert provider should have integrated technologies including WMS, back-office systems, and external carrier partners. Other technology considerations include up-to-date tracking and reporting, as well as business intelligence tools to improve visibility and decision-making. The right provider should have a resilient, multi-carrier network, and provide cost-effective Section 321 cross-border shipping. Also evaluate the 3PLs customer service to ensure that they are responsive and able to meet your needs.

A 3PL transportation provider can help businesses save money on shipping costs by leveraging their buying power to negotiate better rates with carriers, optimizing routes to reduce fuel and labor costs, and providing up-to-date visibility into transportation performance. By working with a 3PL provider, businesses can access cost-effective transportation solutions and reduce their overall transportation spend.

3PL providers offer a range of transportation options, including ground transportation, air freight, and intermodal transportation. Ground transportation includes TL, LTL, rail, courier services, and white glove delivery while air freight provides national and international shipping options. Intermodal transportation combines multiple modes of transportation to provide the most cost-effective and efficient shipping solution. Leveraging one contract and one relationship, a 3PL transportation provider will manage and handle your freight utilizing their quality transportation partner network to create a strategic solution that best fits your needs and budget.

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