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End-to-End, Scalable Ecommerce Fulfillment for Fast-Growing Brands.

Your brand is growing. You need e-commerce fulfillment strategies that support your business. Our unique combination of North American coverage, deep-rooted expertise, progressive technology, and data-driven insights means we can design solutions to fit your current logistics needs and continue to adapt as your business evolves. 

Deep-rooted E-commerce Fulfillment Expertise

SCI’s evolution was founded in e-commerce, partnering with Amazon Canada when they first launched over 30 years ago. Since then, we’ve worked with renowned mid-market Canadian and US brands to support their e-commerce growth and help them save millions of dollars.

Trust us to help you meet the increasing demands of online shopping fulfillment.

Leverage our decades of ecommerce experience to differentiate your brand. As leaders in the North American market, we have spent years perfecting best-in-class, end-to-end fulfillment solutions.

3PL E-commerce Fulfillment
3PL E-Commerce Partnership

See the Value of a True Partnership

Our client-centric approach focuses on building a deep, trusting partnership and bringing value to our clients in everything we do; aligning with your values and vision, and delivering your brand to the highest standards.

What do you get? A trusted partnership with a shared dedication to delivering an exceptional customer experience. The complexity and volume fluctuations of your online orders are handled smoothly, accurately and on time.

Plus our data-driven insights and on-demand visibility enable you to make informed decisions that help you continuously optimize your operations.

Our Approach to Your Business

Strategic Planning Icon
Strategic Planning

We take a strategic approach to your business and look at ways to reduce costs, risks and complexity within your supply chain.


Strategic Planning

We take a strategic approach to your business and look at ways to reduce costs, risks and complexity within your supply chain. We add value to your business by removing friction points and seamlessly delivering on your business strategies.

Whether you have a multi-channel strategy or a single D2C business, we will combine the best suite of solutions to plan for today’s needs and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Implementation Icon
Seamless Implementation & Go Live

During implementation, over half our time is spent understanding your brand, your business, and your pain points.


Seamless Implementation & Go Live

During implementation, over half our time is spent understanding your brand, your business, and your pain points.

Equipped with this information, we combine the best suite of solutions to optimize your operations. Our goal is to design an ecommerce fulfillment solution that will enrich your business and exceed your customers expectations.

With our technology-forward approach, including our robust API catalog and framework, no matter which platform you use, you’ll get a frictionless and efficient go-to-market implementation.

Optimize and Scale Icon
Optimize and Scale

We care about growing your business and our solutions are designed just for that. In addition to your long-term goals...


Optimize and Scale

We care about growing your business and our solutions are designed just for that. In addition to your long-term goals, we’re here to help with daily fluctuations, peaks, and ongoing business cycles that are unique to your ecommerce business.

Leveraging insights from our award-winning Business Intelligence tool means that we can continuously optimize operations and anticipate issues before they happen. Staying connected to your day-to-day is critical to help you make nimble and informed decisions.

Leading North American Supply Chain Network


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3 days


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Our End-to-End E-Commerce Solutions

When you’re growing, it’s important to have the flexibility and options that grow with you. 

Cross-Border E-Commerce Fulfillment

Southbound & Cross Border E-Fulfillment

In today’s borderless e-commerce market, a cross-border strategy is crucial. With SCI, retailers can create a more efficient supply chain through a combination of localization and Section 321 fulfillment.

We have in-depth knowledge of the U.S. and Canadian supply chain industry, strategically located warehouses and relationships with top U.S. carriers to help you create a competitive advantage.

E-Commerce Warehousing and Distribution

Warehousing and Distribution

Access our nationwide warehousing and distribution network, tailored for intricate logistics and inventory needs. SCI provides diverse order handling, maintaining top-tier product standards, and our advanced WMS technology offers complete fulfillment visibility for instant decision-making and adaptable inventory management as your business fluctuates.

Plus, we’ve recently invested $50M in industry leading automation to enhance your supply chain.

3PL Packaging and Kitting

Packaging & Kitting

SCI is a leader in providing agile in-house packaging and kitting services nationally. Whether you ship stock or offer custom subscription kits, we’ll execute a fast and accurate kitting process, with personalized touches. We have the flexibility and expertise to meet your brands vision and create the perfect un-boxing moment.

3PL Returns Management

Returns Management

Keep customers happy and more revenue on the table with an easy and convenient returns process. Our reverse logistics and returns management include inspection, restocking, refurbishment, repair, recycling, and disposal solutions. Our North American returns strategy enables you to streamline the returns process no matter where your customers live.

Technology Driven Fulfillment That Makes Your E-Commerce Business Even Better

Imagine a supply chain with end-to-end connectivity and visibility to drive more efficiency than you thought possible. Our progressive technology suite improves order accuracy, optimizes production capacity, and increases operational efficiencies. Ultimately creating savings on your bottom line. 

Supply Tech Break-Through Award

End-to-End Visibility with our Award-Winning Business Intelligence

Stay connected to your day-to-day to make nimble and informed decisions with end-to-end supply chain visibility. Receive dynamic, on-demand reports and insights with our easy to use and intuitive business intelligence tool.

Collaborative Robots

Simplified Integrations and Best-in-Class Automation

The combination of our progressive technologies including tools, integrations and automation, enable you to mitigate risks, maximize production capacity and optimize operations to save on your bottom line.

Sustainable Practices to Protect our Planet

The boom in e-commerce has changed our world as we know it. With that comes an increase in fuel use and emissions. We’re making important sustainability investments in our company by focusing on energy efficiency and process improvements to help reduce emissions and mitigate climate change. Our teams meticulous focus on continuous improvement and relentlessly optimize operations to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Logistics and Last-Mile Delivery

Logistics and Last-Mile Delivery, from One Integrated Partner

Elevate customer satisfaction through our diverse last-mile delivery options, including expedited freight, same day, next-flight-out (NFO), and home delivery.

SCI’s quality transportation partner network with Seamless Multicarrier, Multimode Carrier Performance Management guarantees reliable, fast delivery while managing supply chain fluctuations, peak capacity, and everyday route disruptions. Our real-time, step-by-step tracking provides on-time performance and transparency throughout the delivery nationally and cross-border.

Consolidating your logistics and transportation with one partner means you get seamless, end-to-end order visibility from warehouse to delivery, with our fully integrated technologies.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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