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End-to-End Kiosk Management Services Across Canada.

SCI has the expertise to keep your kiosk management programs on time and on budget, with best-in-class customer experience. All with one integrated partner in Canada.

Comprehensive, Coast-to-Coast Management Solutions, From One 3PL Partner

As one of Canada’s leading logistics partners, we provide the national coverage, advanced technology, data-driven insights, and strategic expertise to deliver end-to-end kiosk logistics management.

We design responsive supply chain solutions for your kiosk projects that can smoothly adapt as your business priorities evolve. Trust our experts with full project management for logistics, compliance, security, maintenance, installation, repair, and parts management. Connect with our experienced kiosk solutions team to plan for today’s needs and tomorrow’s opportunities.


Forward Stocking
Critical Parts


White Glove


Distribution Centres
Across Canada


of Canada’s
population reachable
within 4 hours

Deep Experience, Broad Reach, and Specialized Services

Tap into SCI’s extensive network, robust portfolio of services and years of expertise that deliver a competitive edge for your kiosk business. With one trusted partner, you can take full advantage of SCI’s coast-to-coast network of warehousing, transportation, and field services for a seamless national implementation of your kiosk project. Plus, our certified technicians will help you maximize uptime with 24/7 support and repair services.

Work with One Trusted Partner

End-to-end project planning and management from a central provider keeps your kiosk program on time and on budget, with seamless communication through one main point of contact. Working with one partner means you’ll have less vendors to manage and reduced touch points.

Proven Kiosk Industry Experience

We are specialists within the self-service technology industry and one of Canada’s leading providers of strategic technology supply chain solutions. Our 46 years of experience and intimate knowledge of industry trends enables us to best serve our clients and their customers.

Delivery and Installation Completed on the Same Day

We reduce installation time and complexity by offering delivery and installation on the same-day. Working with one rather than multiple vendors limits unnecessary touchpoints, lowers operating costs, improves lead times, and reduces risks.

Trusted Transportation Solutions

SCI’s national white glove team is specially trained to handle high value and complex deliveries. Our multi-person teams are equipped with specialized equipment to seamlessly stage, deliver, install and configure your self-service technologies.

Exceptional Performance Management

Performance management and business analytics tools are available to track and measure your white glove transportation using agreed upon service level metrics. Our bilingual dedicated account managers will optimize service as needed, provide responsive exception management and timely support to ensure the highest service levels.

Specialty Trucks and Delivery Equipment

We ensure quality by using our own specialty trucks, delivery, equipment, and driver teams for deliveries nationwide. From lift gates to cranes, stairs, heavy lifting, and air ride transportation equipment, we have transportation solutions to suit all valuable cargo.

Strategic Canadian Market Insights & Coast to Coast Reach

SCI’s Canadian market experts proactively advise on the best, most efficient roll-out process based on local infrastructure and geography. With distribution centers and transportation hubs across Canada, we have the most robust infrastructure for all your national kiosk programs.

SCI’s Self-Service Kiosk Solutions Have You Covered, Whatever Your Business

Point-of-Sale devices
Smart Parcel Lockers
Pharmacy dispensing
Back-office cash management
Wayfinding, ticketing, and faring
Self-serve check-in and check-outs

Read Our Canadian Kiosk Market Report

77% of organizations expect kiosk technology to be important or very important to their business in the next five years.

Download our free report now to learn more about the direction of the Canadian kiosk industry.

Source: 2021 Canadian Kiosk Market Report

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Frequently Asked Kiosk Management Questions

1. What is Kiosk Management, and why is it important for my business?

Kiosk Management involves overseeing and maintaining self-service kiosks across different sectors, ensuring their optimal functionality. It’s vital for your business as it enhances customer experience, reduces downtime, and helps streamline operations by providing real-time insights into kiosk performance, irrespective of the industry.

Kiosk Management improves customer satisfaction by ensuring that self-service kiosks are always operational. This reduces wait times, enables quick transactions, and enhances user convenience, whether it’s for parcel lockers, ATMs, or self-check-out counters.

Yes, Kiosk Management services can significantly contribute to cost savings and operational efficiency. By proactively monitoring kiosk performance, scheduling maintenance, and addressing issues promptly, businesses can minimize downtime, reduce repair costs, and maximize their ROI on kiosk investments.

Absolutely, Kiosk Management services can be tailored to suit various types of kiosks, including parcel lockers, drive-thru menu boards, and more. Customization ensures that the specific needs and requirements of your kiosk fleet are met, regardless of the industry you operate in.

Yes, Kiosk Management services are designed to minimize downtime by monitoring kiosk performance in real-time. This proactive approach allows for early issue detection and prompt resolution, ensuring uninterrupted service for parcel lockers, ATMs, and other kiosk types.

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