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Industry-Leading Solutions for Healthcare, Beauty and Wellness Ecommerce Fulfillment

From cosmetics to natural health products, OTCs and medical devices, let us help you build a tailored, end-to-end supply chain solution that drives results and puts compliance first. Our experienced health, wellness, and beauty supply chain teams are committed to understanding your business and identifying the most effective improvements to optimize operations and stay ahead of your competitors.

Your Health, Beauty, and Wellness Products Are Our Specialty

We understand the sensitive nature of your products: from cosmetics and natural health products to consumables and medical devices. Our reliable 3PL fulfillment solutions include careful handling, specialized storage, and compliant distribution operations so you can move your products with confidence.

Our Health Canada Licensed and GMP certified facilities adhere to regulations which means the integrity of your merchandise is sustained from in-bound to delivery. With our extensive expertise and robust infrastructure, our team meticulously manages and delivers your unique high-volume e-commerce products at scale to support your growth when you need it.

Healthcare, Beauty, and Wellness E-Commerce Fulfillment
NHP Vitamins and Supplements Fulfillment

Natural Health Products (NHPs) and Consumables

We understand that natural health products and consumable have many special requirements to be able to be sold in Canada. SCI offers climate-controlled facilities, quarantine areas, and specialized storage and handling processes to maintain the efficacy and integrity of your products.
Cosmetics Fulfillment


As e-commerce and DTC demands increase, you need a partner to carefully handle sensitive cosmetic products. SCI offers personalised packaging and kitting services to provide your customers with an exceptional brand experience while supporting your growing business.

Pharmaceuticals and Drugs 3PL Fulfillment

Pharmaceuticals and Regulated Drug Products

Trust SCI to properly store and safely transport your pharmaceutical products. Our GMP-compliant facilities and operations are monitored for temperature and humidity to meet product requirements. Trust our safe handling practices to reduce the risk of product loss, contamination, or errors.
Medical Equipment White Glove Transportation

Medical Equipment

You can rely on SCI to safely manage the distribution of your valuable medical products of all sizes. Our highly trained teams can deliver, install, assemble, and configure your products with the utmost care and efficiency so you can focus more on your future, and less on your day-to-day.

Compliant Solutions from a Trusted 3PL Partner That Understands Your Business

Navigating the Canadian market can be overwhelming. Our capabilities and expertise make getting your products to your consumers a smooth, secure, and transparent experience.

Health Canada Compliance

Health Canada Compliance

Leverage our extensive supply chain network including Health Canada licensed and GMP certified facilities with temperature controls and humidity monitoring.

Licensing Labelling and Packaging

Licensing, Labeling, and Packaging

In-house capabilities help streamline operations, which remove additional handling and transportation costs; thereby reducing the risk of product loss or errors.

Quality Assurance

Robust Quality Assurance Systems

In-house quality assurance and regulatory support ensures operations are fully compliant in Canada. This includes our robust quality management, inbound inspections, segregated returns, and quarantine areas.

Kitting Operations Icon

Kitting Operations

Our extensive kitting operation is backed by our progressive technology. This way, we can fulfill your high volume specialized products accurately and with the utmost care for a superior customer unboxing experience.

GMP Operations

GMP, DEL, MDEL, Pick-pack and Co-pack

Our B2C fulfillment activities are Good Manufacturing Practices compliant. We hold Drug Establishment Licenses and Medical Device Establishment Licenses to ensure your products and devices meet the quality and standards required for sale in Canada.

Resiliency and Scalability

Resiliency & Scalability

Respond to fluctuations in product demand with strategic planning, flexible B2C fulfillment solutions, and contingency planning. Combining national coverage, forward-thinking expertise, progressive technology, and data driven insights, we design solutions to fit your current logistics needs while adapting as your business evolves.

Visibility and Efficiency with Our Progressive Technologies

Reporting and Supply Chain Visibility

Transparent Reporting and End-to-End Visibility

Receive dynamic, up-to-date metrics reports with our easy to use and intuitive business intelligence tools. This includes on-hand inventory tallies, order status, percentage of fulfilled orders, and shipment tracking.

Collaborative Robots

Simplified Integrations and Best-in-Class Automation

The combination of our progressive technologies including tools, integrations and automation enable you to mitigate risks, maximize production capacity and optimize operations to save on your bottom line.

End-to-End Health, Beauty, and Wellness Services

E-commerce Order Fulfillment Icon
E-Commerce Order Fullfillment


E-Commerce Order Fullfillment

Leverage our extensive supply chain network including Health Canada licensed and GMP certified facilities.

Dynamic Reporting Icon
Inventory Management


Inventory Management

In-house quality assurance and regulatory support ensures operations are fully compliant in Canada. 

Management Transportation Services
Managed Transportation Services


Managed Transportation Services

Our end-to-end managed transportation services will handle all aspects of your inbound and outbound transportation needs.

White Glove Delivery Icon
White Glove Services


White Glove Services

In-house capabilities help streamline operations, which remove additional handling and transportation costs; thereby reducing the risk of product loss or errors.

Integrations & Connectivity


Integrations & Connectivity

Our standard integration catalog and framework supports multiple Warehouse Management and Order Management systems.

Cross Border Ecommerce Icon
Coast-to-Coast & Across the Border


Coast-to-Coast & Across the Border

SCI offers end-to-end e-commerce logistics solutions coast to coast and across the border.

Technical Services
Technical Services


Technical Services

Increase customer satisfaction with a responsive and effective post-sales technical support service that includes installation, maintenance support, and more.

Returns Management Icon
Reverse Logistics


Reverse Logistics

Leave the management of returns and disposals to our seasoned reverse logistics team.

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