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Flexible B2B & Wholesale Fulfillment Solutions.

From wholesale and marketplaces to brick-and-mortar stores, trust SCI to reliably ship to your retailers and channel partners accurately and on time, while prioritizing compliance.

Our fully integrated omni-channel fulfillment solutions provide you with a single source of inventory and end-to-end visibility of your supply chain.

Trust the Omni-Channel Retail Experts with your B2B Fulfillment Needs

SCI has over 30 years of experience helping B2B and wholesale brands accelerate their operations with our agile 3PL services. As a result, we understand the intricate requirements of all top wholesale retail partners in Canada.

Trust SCI for expert multi-channel wholesale logistics management solutions tailored to your unique needs. We maintain high levels of service quality and meticulously prepare your shipments to meet your partner compliance requirements.

Consolidating your wholesale fulfillment with your B2C fulfillment, offers you one inventory management system with a holistic view and flow of all your products. With one partner, and one warehouse set up, you can create efficiencies, reduce costs and have end to end transparency.

Wholesale and B2B Fulfillment
3PL E-Commerce Partnership

See the Value of a True Partnership

Our client-centric approach focuses on building a deep, trusting partnership and bringing value to our clients in everything we do.

What do you get? A shared dedication to delivering an exceptional brand experience and high-quality standards. We’re committed to your success, offering proactive solutions, and staying ahead of industry trends to keep your business competitive.

Your B2B & Wholesale Competitive Advantage

Warehousing and Inventory Management

Access our nationwide warehousing and distribution network, tailored for intricate logistics and inventory needs. Our diverse order management system provides the flexibility to set up variable parameters and hierarchies to manage your bulk wholesale orders vs your B2C orders.

Seamless Integration & Go-Live

We seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and processes, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your operations. Our technology-driven solutions enable real-time visibility and control over your inventory and orders.

Transportation Management

Our end-to-end 3PL managed transportation enable us to act as your outsourced freight management department. Whether your business needs TL, LTL, air, or parcel, trust SCI to handle your freight using our extensive transportation partner network.

Precision Packing

We can ship master cartons, prepare pallets, and match the precise requirements of your retail or wholesale partner. Every shipment can be customized with packing slips, labels, and any other handling needs. With our in-house packaging and kitting services we can also prepare kit-to-stock orders, re-label items to meet language requirements, and more.

Coast-to-Coast Reach

We have a strategically located network of over 30 distribution centers, allowing you to reach multiple regions quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Our reach ensures your products reliably get where they need to be, and on-time.

Scale Easily

Whether you’re entering or increasing your B2B wholesale program, our flexible fulfillment solutions are scalable to meet your evolving needs. You can easily expand or contract your logistics operations as demands change.

Technology Driven Fulfillment That Makes Your B2B Wholesale Business Even Better

Imagine a supply chain with end-to-end connectivity and visibility to drive more efficiency than you thought possible.

Supply Tech Break-Through Award

End-to-End Visibility with our Award-Winning Business Intelligence

Stay connected to your day-to-day to make nimble and informed decisions with end-to-end supply chain visibility. Receive dynamic, on-demand reports and insights with our easy to use and intuitive business intelligence tool.

Collaborative Robots

Transform Your Inventory Management

Our best-in-class Order Management System (OMS) is fully integrated with core supply chain systems to provide end-to-end visibility of your inventory and orders. You can dynamically adapt your inventory and merchandising strategies as your supply chain productivity changes across your entire fulfillment landscape.

Sustainable Practices to Protect our Planet

We’re making important sustainability investments in our company by focusing on energy efficiency and process improvements to help reduce emissions and mitigate climate change. Our teams meticulous focus on continuous improvement and relentlessly optimize operations to help reduce our carbon footprint.

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