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Post-Sales Logistics

Turn first-time customers into lifelong clients with proven post-sales customer service and technical support that continually adds value and builds loyalty.
Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics

Leave the management of returns and disposals to our seasoned reverse logistics team.
Technical Services

Technical Services

Keep customers for the long haul by offering expert technical services after purchase.
Field Stocking

Field Stocking

Get your time-sensitive freight delivered quickly with coast-to-coast field stocking locations.

Reverse Logistics

A returned product isn’t at the end of its life. Find cost savings and operational efficiencies with a thorough inspection to determine whether products should be reshelved, repaired, or salvaged for parts before resorting to recycling and disposal.

Returns Handling

Keep customers happy with an easy, seamless returns process and add efficiency to your supply chain with in-house returns inspections.

Parts Salvaging

Make the most out of products that can’t be reshelved or repaired by carefully taking them apart and putting reusable components back into use.


Let us recycle your end-of-life materials responsibly, in line with our zero landfill commitment.

Asset Recovery and Disposal

Secure disposal is crucial to protecting customer information. Safely dispose of sensitive, end-of-life products with our data scrubbing and certified destruction practices.

Technical Services

Offer your customers 24/7, bilingual technical support services from experts with an exceptional satisfaction rate and experience in a wide range of high-tech products.

Staging and Configuration

Ensure all pieces of the solution work together flawlessly with certified technicians who can expertly interconnect every component before deployment.

Network Connection

Let our team test every solution on-site to ensure they’re securely connected to the network and operating perfectly.


Have your products hit the ground running with expert installation services that cut the downtime after delivery.

Break-Fix and Swap

Reduce idle time with on-site repair and parts swapping services conducted by our trusted technicians.

Repair and Refurbishment

Repair customer products on-site and refurbish returned goods for resale, all through one experienced 3PL partner.

Field Stocking

Make time-sensitive deliveries with 3PL experts who have mastered the art of distribution logistics in the world’s second-largest country. Leverage over 35 field stocking locations to maximize efficiency across your supply chain. Plus, get real-time visibility into your entire product inventory – no matter where it is in Canada.

Scale Your Business with SCI

Expand your organization’s growth, reach, and success with Canada’s leading 3PL partner today.