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White Glove Delivery Services.

Ensure your complex and high-value shipments are delivered with precision and care with SCI’s dedicated trucks and highly experienced teams.

White Glove Delivery Services

Trust SCI to handle your unique, high value products properly and securely. Whether your shipment is fragile, oversized or needs specialized installation, our highly-trained, professional teams will deliver, install, assemble and configure it all with the utmost care and expertise. SCI’s end-to-end White Glove solutions also include training for the end users if required.

From route optimization to real-time communication, we have the tools and technology to keep you one step ahead of your specialized delivery. Plus with our dedicated account managers you can expect superior and responsive management every step of the way.

8 Reasons to Choose SCI White Glove Delivery

Professional Delivery Teams You Can Rely On

With expert wrapping, delivery, assembly, configuration, and testing of equipment (including oversize), plus removal of old equipment from the customer’s premises, you can count on SCI’s skilled multiple-person white glove installation.

Added Security and Enhanced Safety Measures

Rest easy knowing SCI is a trusted 3PL with strict security measures and systems, and our white glove teams are high-security certified.

Easy-to-use Online Booking Portal

Our intuitive online booking portal makes it simple and convenient to book SCI’s White Glove Services.

Efficient, Real-Time Communication

Our GPS technology lets you know where your shipment is and when it will arrive, for added peace of mind.

Exceptional Performance Management

Performance management and business analytics tools are available to track and measure your white glove transportation using agreed upon service level metrics. Our bilingual dedicated account managers will optimize service as needed, provide responsive exception management and timely support to ensure the highest service levels.

Specialty Trucks and Delivery Equipment

We ensure quality by using our own specialty trucks, delivery, equipment, and driver teams for deliveries nationwide. From lift gates to cranes, stairs, heavy lifting, and air ride transportation equipment, we have transportation solutions to suit all valuable cargo.

Lower Costs with Route Optimization

Our route optimization technology can reduce miles driven and lower fuel costs by using real-time data to maximize efficiencies.

Value-Add Support

Our white glove services include other value-add solutions including full blanket wrap, site surveys, crated shipments, on-site installation, set-up, assembly, and more.

Big or Small, SCI Delivers it All, From Oversize Delivery to Last-mile Deliveries

Retail kiosks
Parcel lockers
ATM deliveries & installation
High-volume printing machines
Corporate and medical office furniture
Large size medical equipment (MRI, CT Scan, etc.)
Medium size medical equipment (ultrasound machines, clinical beds, etc.)

SCI White Glove Insights

High Value Medical Device Transportation Services

Hospitals, medical device suppliers / manufacturers, medical clinics and any other organizations in the healthcare sector sometimes require high value medical device transportation, which involves devices being delivered, replaced, or moved.

White Glove Team Installs Self-Serve Parcel Pick Up Kiosks for Omni-Channel Retailer

SCI’s White Glove and Technology teams recently completed the installation of a self-serve parcel pick-up kiosk at Cadillac Fairview Carrefour Laval for Artitalia Group Inc. on behalf of Jeaniologie and Denim Society.

Frequently Asked White Glove Delivery Services Questions

What is white glove delivery and what services are included?

White glove delivery is a premium delivery service that provides a high level of care and attention to detail to your high value shipments. This includes services such as professional delivery teams, site-surveys, crated shipments, blanket wraps, on-site delivery, assembly, installation, configuration, and removal of packaging materials. Additional white glove delivery services include added security and enhanced safety measures, online booking portals, real-time communication and tracking updates, performance management and business analytics tools, bilingual service, and route optimization technology.

White glove delivery services go above and beyond standard delivery services and have the expertise to deliver unique, high-value, or oversized items. While standard delivery services typically involve dropping off packages at a customer’s doorstep, white glove delivery services provide a higher level of service for residential and commercial clients such as setting up and installing products on-site.

White glove delivery services are often used for high-value or fragile items, such as retail kiosks, parcel lockers, large medical equipment, or corporate and medical office furniture. These items require special care and attention during delivery and installation, and white glove delivery providers have the expertise and equipment to ensure safe and secure transport and handling.

When choosing a white glove delivery provider, it’s important to consider factors such as experience, expertise, reputation, and service offerings. Look for a provider with experience in your industry, a strong reputation for reliability and customer service, and a wide range of service offerings to meet your specific needs. Expert White Glove service providers should offer professional delivery teams, added security and enhanced safety measures, online booking portals, real-time communication and tracking, performance management and business analytics tools, and route optimization technology.

Pre-delivery inspections are conducted to ensure that the items being delivered are in good condition and ready for transport. Your service provider may also offer pre-configuration services. Items are professionally packed to ensure that they are protected during transit. Special equipment such as dollies, ramps, straps, and even cranes may be used to move items without causing damage.

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