Canadian Red Cross

Introducing our new community support partner – the Canadian Red Cross.

SCI is proud of its Canadian heritage, and we’re committed to helping Canadians when they need it most. That is why SCI has pledged to support the Canadian Red Cross with its community health and wellness, Indigenous communities and disaster preparedness and response programming.

Together, we can continue to build strong, healthy, and resilient communities.

Disaster Preparedness & Response

Through a network of trained volunteers across the country, the Canadian Red Cross can respond to disasters quickly wherever and whenever they strike, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On average, specially trained volunteers respond to people facing disaster every three hours.

Before a disaster happens, the Canadian Red Cross is hard at work in your local community, planning for the unexpected. Thousands of volunteers across Canada undergo rigorous training to be able to provide assistance during times of disaster.

The moment the call goes out, Red Cross teams head out to help. Red Cross personnel provide care and comfort and ensure that people impacted by an emergency have a warm and safe place to stay. Meals, clothes, and other essential items are provided. After the initial event, the Red Cross works with individuals and families to help address their needs by providing well-being support and referrals to help them recover.