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The 2021 Canadian Kiosk Market Report

New proprietary research from SCI and Signifi Solutions Inc. reveals that investment in self-service technologies is exploding in Canada.

The kiosk market is growing in popularity across Canada, with no signs of slowing down, according to new proprietary research from SCI and Signifi Solutions. These exciting new findings are summarized in the 2021 Canadian Kiosk Market Report, which explores actual and planned investments in kiosk technology among Canadian organizations, to identify key trends, use and investments driving the significant growth.

With no data in the Canadian marketplace, SCI and Signifi commissioned a survey with Angus Reid. In 2021 we surveyed 100+ business decision-makers across a variety of industries including retailhealthcare and public sector among others, to understand where the kiosk industry is heading.

  • How has their investment in kiosks changed in the past two years?
  • Where will they invest in the future?
  • What are the key business drivers of this investment?
  • What user benefits are they seeking?
  • How will kiosks add value to their business?
  • Where and how are they deploying kiosk technology?
  • What changes do they anticipate as kiosk technology evolves?

The research revealed that while the pandemic propelled short-term investments in kiosks, the desire for digital transformation will continue to drive long-term investment.


47% of businesses will spend more on kiosks in the next 12 months.

“The pandemic drove more people to use kiosks, which increased their comfort level with the technology and is leading to even better user-centric design for the next generation of devices,” said Peter Collier, Vice President, Technology, SCI Group. “We expect that increasing user comfort with kiosks and ongoing design improvements by kiosk manufacturers will continue to drive adoption.”

Other key findings include:

  • 44% and 57% of healthcare and public sector workers, respectively, report an increase in investment since 2019
  • Among those who say their investment has increased since 2019, 61% identified the COVID-19 pandemic as a significant or moderate factor in their decision.
  • The primary motivator for businesses when investing in self-service technologies is customer and employee satisfaction, with 63% of businesses identifying this as their top driver.

To learn more about the adoption of kiosk technology in Canada, changes in spending, drivers and key outcomes of investment, fill in the form to download The 2021 Canadian Kiosk Market Report.

2021 Canadian Kiosk Market Report

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