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Tips on How to Manage Different Levels of Supply Chain Crises.

Over the past few years nearly everyone has felt the effects of widespread supply chain disruptions happening on a global and local scale. News reports of container shortages were soon followed by empty shelves at grocery stores. The micro-chip shortage has resulted in a back-log in automobile manufacturing and a scarcity of available cars. These scenarios, among many others, have shown just how dependent the world is on efficient and robust supply chains.

The primary cause for several of the supply chain disruptions the world is seeing is the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, however there are many other contributing factors. These include continuing labour issues, reduced availability of commercial real estate, increased tariffs, and damaged infrastructure caused by natural disasters. This is in addition to the everyday localized problems supply chain teams are regularly dealing with such as technology issues, or inclement weather.

Fortunately, there are ways to plan against differing levels of crises, according to SCI’s VP of Technology, Peter Collier. At the Canadian Rural & Remote Broadband (CRRB) Community Conference, Peter breaks down three levels of crises a company may experience relating to their supply chain and provides suggestions on how to minimize the impacts of each level, with recommendations your business can use the next time you face a supply chain crisis.

Watch the full keynote address below.

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