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 Digital Signage Solutions: Top 4 Reasons to Switch to Digital Signs.

Top 4 Reasons to Switch to Digital Signs

The ever-changing landscape of technological innovation brings endless opportunities for retailers to stay relevant and better connect with consumers. Utilizing the latest marketing tools, such as digital signage solutions, helps retailers grab consumers’ attention and dramatically and efficiently improve business results.

Digital LED signs are becoming the new standard for retail store signage. Digital screens attract consumers and give retailers flexibility to display any type of content (e.g. sales, promotions, marketing collateral), and change the message as often as required – try and do that with traditional printed signs & banners.

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If your company has not started utilizing electronic signage yet, here are the top 4 reasons to switch from traditional signs.

1. Ongoing Signage Costs

Digital SignsAs opposed to the ongoing costs associated with creating, printing, distributing and installing printed signs, digital screens in your store involve a one-time investment and don’t end up in your store recycling bin after being used.

You can update the message on your digital signs any time, as often as you’d like, from any electronic device connected to the signs network.



2. Time & Resources

Sale signEvery time you need to put up a new printed sign or banner, there is a multi-step production process you must go through, and this can delay the release of new impact marketing messages. However, with the click of a mouse, every single digital sign in your store can be updated – for example, changing sales & promos, or showcasing new product releases.


3. Sign Quality

Store Digital DisplayThe quality of your in-store signage is impacted by the type of printing, material, production process and other external related factors. With digital signage, HD LED displays provide a completely different and enhanced, immersive experience. This is created by a combination of the quality of the screen installation and the digital material being used. Digital signs ensure that potential consumers view your message as intended, whatever that may be, and in the best possible quality. Traditional store signage simply can’t compete.


4. Flexibility & Functionality

Large Digital SignAnother key benefit of using digital signage is that you only need one screen to display multiple messages or ads. One digital sign can be set up to show multiple pieces of content at the same time: photo slideshows, promotional videos, text messages, or touch screens. This makes the most of the valuable advertising real estate in your store.

If you have multiple stores, the digital screens can be connected in one network through the cloud software, and the message can be regionalized based on promotions running in every particular store.

If you choose to install multiple screens, you can design messaging to leverage the screens based on the installation specifics.  This will create unique eye catching messaging to draw customers into your store and keep your brand and products, top of mind. For retailers digital signage is a way to stand out from competition.

Consumers have already switched to a digital lifestyle; it’s time for businesses to do the same. LED screens offer the ability to quickly adjust and update content, engage with consumers, and save money. Therefore, electronic signage is the “new normal” for in-store signs & displays.

If you are ready to quickly deploy digital signage in your store and would like pricing or information about system configuration/staging, on-site cabling, installation, and ongoing support of your digital signs, contact SCI today.

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