Technical Services

SCI nurtures long-standing relationships with many Canadian “blue chip” companies; our partners include many Telecom and Technology businesses as well as major financial institutions. A survey recently conducted among our valued customers revealed:

  • A satisfaction rate of 94% on the technical service quality
  • 94% of our customers are satisfied with their partnership with SCI and would recommend SCI to their peers
  • 97% would turn to SCI to accommodate their new logistics needs

Such outstanding results make the SCI technology logistics team extremely proud, and are a great source of motivation to do even better. This is why SCI scored so high:

  • Experience with a wide range of products, including PC, servers, handheld computers, point of sale (POS), telecommunication and office equipment, automated kiosks and terminals, and digital signage
  • 13 configuration centers and 35+ field stocking locations across the country allow SCI to reach 94% of the Canadian population within 4 hours, and provide unique regional technician strategies
  • 100% success rate for staging/configuration of capable units for a leading copier manufacturer
  • 21,000 units staged and configured annually
  • 13,800 point-of-sale (POS) device repairs have been completed in the last 12 months
  • >200,000 on site fixes / installations annually
  • 97% first time fix in the field
  • Consistently achieving >95% coast-to-coast on-site support with SLAs ranging from 4 to 84 hours based on urgency and geography
  • A competent team of more than 200 certified technicians. Their timely, cost effective and reliable response to technical issues minimizes equipment downtime and prevents lost productivity. Training and auditing provided by a Regional Agent Manager ensures the same quality and consistency of service across Canada

Configuration and Staging

In order for components to flawlessly work together they usually must be configured so that all the different pieces that make up the solution are interconnected either physically or logically through software. SCI provides configuration and staging support to ensure functionality across all components of a technology prior to deployment.

SCI’s Configuration and Staging technical services include:

  • Configuring the appropriate operating system and software release
  • Setting, and sometimes testing wireless network connections
  • Staging devices and equipment that make up an entire solution, so all the components effectively work together (e.g. a retail store cash register connected to a computer monitor, debit/credit machine, cash drawer, scale, etc.)
  • New installations, activating new devices, and trouble shooting
  • Integration of Mac and IP addresses
  • Updating imaging and software (flashing)
  • Repair, part and component salvage, scrapping with certification, recycling according to the best practices
  • Customizing / branding
  • Data deletion / destruction
  • Remote services: SCI provides Central Technical Call Center support for self-install and
    break / fix activities
  • Asset tagging and serial capture for monitoring and tracking products

Swap, Installation and Network Connection

SCI’s technicians configure, assemble and test all components of a particular solution and connect it to the network to ensure that everything is working together. In addition, advance exchange, courier exchange/install, and technician swap of broken parts/equipment in the field also contribute to SCI’s mission to provide unmatched technical services with less downtime to customer’s business.

Benefits of SCI’s Swap, Installation and Network Connection technical services include:

  • New installation and device activation
  • Initialisation
  • Parts and equipment swapping
  • 24/7 national technician pool
  • 2nd and 3rd level remote install support
  • 3rd and 4th level repair
  • Field repair
  • Depot repair for warranty and out of warranty equipment
  • Spares management
  • End to end ticket management

SCI understands the technology industry and is an expert in technical services, resulting in incomparable supply chain solutions.

Refurbishing and Repair

To diminish ecological footprint and save your money, SCI provides refurbishing and repair solutions for your products. Instead of completely disposing of a defective product, SCI tests it to see what the problem is, and then makes a logical decision on how to treat it, consequently enhancing your net recovery on returns.

Benefits of SCI’s Refurbishing and Repairs include:

  • Reducing costs associated with repairs by running tests to identify the area in need of fixing
  • Lessen the chance of wasting time and money from travelling back and forth from repair vendors
  • Speeding up the cycle to quickly remarket your product

As a leading and unique 3PL provider, SCI is constantly looking for ways to expand its broad spectrum of high quality services. Its research team has the capacity to anticipate new trends and the services that will be needed to accommodate them.

Contact SCI to learn more about our Technical Services including Configuration and Staging, Swap, Installation and Network Connection, and Refurbishing and Repairs.