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A Fireside Chat on Fleet Electrification & Infrastructure

Electrification of commercial vehicles has recently grown as EV technology becomes more accessible, governments provide incentives, and companies look to become more environmentally conscious while saving on transportation and diesel costs. As more manufacturers enter the market, demand for not only the vehicles, but an infrastructure to support such vehicles has also risen. However, many companies interested in adopting this technology for their commercial fleets still have a lot to consider about when and how to invest and make this transition.

In this insightful interview SCI’s VP of Transportation, Guy Toksoy, talks with Frans Tjallingii, the CEO and Co-founder of 7Gen to get an insiders view on charging infrastructure deployment and fleet electrification. They discuss the challenges and opportunities in electrifying medium and heavy-duty fleets, including:

  • Who should transition their commercial fleet to EV?
  • What’s the typical investment horizon for transitioning a fleet to EV?
  • What are the pros and cons of a purchase model vs lease model?
  • How will the charging infrastructure grow to help support the transition to EV fleets?

Watch the full video below.

Leverage SCI’s end-to-end supply chain solutions for your next fleet transformation and EV charger installation roll-out.  We provide warehousing, project management, transportation, white glove delivery, and spare parts management through our extensive national FSL network for EV chargers and related parts. Contact us today to learn more.

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At SCI Our People Make Us, and Our Clients, Even Better

At SCI, we’ve been putting people first for over 30 years. Our 3,000+ employees are the reason why we are Canada’s leading business to consumer supply chain partner.

We make our clients even better by working as an extension of their organization to successfully fulfill their promises to their customers.

Watch the full video below to see how we empower our employees to shape our award-winning culture, whether by sending a recognition kudos card, celebrating each other’s culture through employee driven engagement activities, or submitting ideas for continuous improvement.

Our employees show up every day exemplifying our culture pillars of:

  • Building trust
  • Embracing change
  • Achieving goals, together

In this video you’ll hear directly from employees about SCI’s collaborative spirit that helps us achieve amazing results for our clients, as well as the opportunities given to our employees to learn and grow.

At SCI you’ll be seen and heard, develop as an individual, and make an impact. We’ll let you shine. Work with us and we’ll make you even better!

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Tips on How to Manage Different Levels of Supply Chain Crises

Over the past few years nearly everyone has felt the effects of widespread supply chain disruptions happening on a global and local scale. News reports of container shortages were soon followed by empty shelves at grocery stores. The micro-chip shortage has resulted in a back-log in automobile manufacturing and a scarcity of available cars. These scenarios, among many others, have shown just how dependent the world is on efficient and robust supply chains.

The primary cause for several of the supply chain disruptions the world is seeing is the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, however there are many other contributing factors. These include continuing labour issues, reduced availability of commercial real estate, increased tariffs, and damaged infrastructure caused by natural disasters. This is in addition to the everyday localized problems supply chain teams are regularly dealing with such as technology issues, or inclement weather.

Fortunately, there are ways to plan against differing levels of crises, according to SCI’s VP of Technology, Peter Collier. At the Canadian Rural & Remote Broadband (CRRB) Community Conference, Peter breaks down three levels of crises a company may experience relating to their supply chain and provides suggestions on how to minimize the impacts of each level, with recommendations your business can use the next time you face a supply chain crisis.

Watch the full keynote address below.

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Webinar: Tips on Developing a Resilient North American E-Commerce Strategy

COVID-19 has forced millions of consumers to shop online and consequently created and reinforced new buying behaviors.  In both Canada and the USA there has been a significant increase in online commerce since the beginning of the pandemic.

As a result, brands are focusing on their online presence creating direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategies, further transforming the e-commerce landscape. In this evolving space, brands are taking advantage of the opportunity to increase their international presence, while still trying to meet customer service levels and navigate cross-border tariffs and taxes.

In this informative webinar, a panel of e-commerce experts from SCI, Canada Post, Saysh, and 6 River Systems share current customer buying habits, how brands are managing their cross-border logistics, and where retailers play a role in the new DTC market. The speakers include:

Mamta Dogra – Director, Parcels & E-commerce Enterprise Marketing, Canada Post
Dwayne Johnson – Sr Director, Business Development, Omni-Channel Retail, SCI
Dave Mack – Vice President of Omni-Channel Retail & Marketing, SCI
Austin Cooper – Head of Supply Chain, Saysh
Callie Moriarty – Solutions Executive, 6 River Systems
Salosan Soundhararajah – Senior Manager, Product Development, SCI 


Leveraging data on the latest trends, as well as real-world scenarios, our panel covers a variety of topics including:

  • What direct to consumer growth opportunities are there in North America?
  • What can businesses to do enhance their North American e-commerce strategy?
  • What does the Canadian cross-border shopper look like and who are they buying from?
  • What challenges are businesses facing with their direct-to-consumer strategies?
  • What can businesses to do create a more resilient and adaptable e-commerce strategy?
  • What is Section 321 and how can DTC use it to create a more competitive supply chain?
  • How will the relationship between brands, retailers, and consumers change moving forward?

Click the video link to watch the full webinar with tips on developing a resilient North American e-commerce strategy.



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Meet our Collaborative Robots

People and technology working together to improve productivity, safety and order accuracy is one of the hallmarks of SCI’s warehouse innovation and automation programs. At SCI, we’re always looking for ways to make our workplace and our client service even better, and that’s why we use collaborative robots also known as cobots.