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SCI’s CEO, Chris Galindo, Featured on the New Warehouse Podcast

On this episode of the New Warehouse podcast, host Kevin Lawton was joined by SCI’s President and CEO, Chris Galindo. The two discuss how SCI became one of the largest 3PL’s in Canada, the business environment in Canada during the pandemic and what companies can learn for the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • SCI provides end to end 3PL solutions that help you provide a high level of service to your customers.
  • SCI has developed a culture where the employees strive to make their services better for the customer. This is done through positive and safe work environments that nurture a continuous improvement mindset throughout the company. He emphasizes how they incentivize continuous improvement and continue to recognize it as their way of leadership with a dedicated continuous improvement team.
  • Chris gives some insight into how the pandemic has shifted and changed the 3PL industry and supply chain business from a Canadian perspective.
  • Chris discusses how SCI has helped multiple companies pivot into B2C during the pandemic so that they could generate additional revenue through an added channel.

Click below to listen to the full podcast episode.

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Canadian Kiosk Market Report Discussed on the Spice Podcast

Jamie McDowell, Vice President of Marketing at Signifi Solutions, was recently featured on the Spice Podcast, discussing the 2021 Canadian Kiosk Market Report which was published in partnership with SCI.

Spice Radio is a well-known radio station based in Vancouver, BC. The Spice Podcast was created as an extension of the radio station, and shares everything from local news to news on politics, work trends, the economy and technology.

In this informative conversation, Jamie examines new research that identifies the increasing popularity in self-serve kiosks and covers a range of topics including:

  • What is a self-serve kiosk?
  • How much more are businesses investing in these kiosks since the beginning of the pandemic?
  • What are some predications for the long term? Will more businesses use this technology?
  • How are self-serve kiosks helpful for businesses to be more efficient?
  • How is the consumer perception of automation changing?
  • What sectors are investing in this technology the most?
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SCI’s CEO, Chris Galindo, Featured on WorkStep Podcast

Chris Galindo, President & CEO of SCI Group Inc., sat down with Dan Johnston, Co-Founder & CEO of WorkStep to talk about how SCI is attracting and retaining their frontline workforce in this competitive market.

Watch the full podcast below.

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SCI’s Section 321 Expert Featured on Chris Parsons Delivering eCommerce Podcast

Episode 6 of Chris Parson’s popular podcast, Delivering eCommerce, features an interview with Dwayne Johnson, Senior Director of Business Development for Omni-Channel Retail at SCI Group Inc. In this episode they discuss what Section 321 is, and how leading retailers are saving millions of dollars in duties and tariffs by fulfilling ecommerce orders via Canada.

Watch the full podcast below.

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SCI Experts featured on the latest The Voice of Retail Podcast

The latest episode of Michael Leblanc’s popular podcast, The Voice of Retail, features an interview with our CEO, Chris Galindo, as well as the panel discussion from our recent SCI Executive Summit, both talking about the importance of preparing for the upcoming peak season.

Chris’s interview provides key insights regarding the logistics of ecommerce from a 3PL perspective and how to ramp up your supply chain for the peak season.

He also discusses some of the latest trends affecting front line distribution and offers advice for retailers to help successfully manage one of the busiest times of the year.

The SCI panel discussion invites thought leaders from across sectors to offer perspectives on the importance of getting ahead of peak retail sales season, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas & Boxing Day.

The panel, moderated by Michael LeBlanc, features Stephanie Barrington, Vice-President of Marketing for, SCI’s own Jerry Lam, Director of Strategic Accounts and Product Development and Franco Schiavone, Senior Director of eCommerce and Customer Service with Designer Brands Canada.

The panelists offer insights into how their companies are adopting new strategies to manage the extreme fluctuations and demands of peak seasons while still delivering on customer expectations.

Listen to the full podcast here.

For more information on the SCI Executive Summit, Chris Galindo offers five key takeaways in this blog post.


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