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“Let’s Talk Supply Chain” Podcast | Borderless Ecommerce At Your Fingertips with SCI.

SCI’s Dwayne Johnson Discusses Borderless E-commerce, Saving Costs with Section 321, and More.

In a recent episode of Let’s Talk Supply Chain titled “Borderless e-commerce at your fingertips”, host Sarah Barnes-Humphrey welcomed Dwayne Johnson, Senior Director of Retail and E-commerce for SCI. With over 25 years of experience, Dwayne is responsible for helping omni-channel retail brands build global and cross-border ecommerce supply chain strategies.

In this episode Dwayne discusses the importance of being ready to pivot in the ever-changing logistics industry. He explores the opportunities presented by borderless e-commerce, including the Section 321 exemption, and how you can use it to gain a competitive edge. 

Learn how SCI’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to embracing change serves as a model for how logistics providers can create value and foster growth for their clients in an increasingly competitive market. From enhancing cross-border efficiency to international expansion and localization strategies, this episode is full of actionable tips and inspiring insights you won’t want to miss!

Key Moments from the Podcast:

[06.45] An introduction to SCI, what they do, and how they help their customers.

[09.15] The ideal client for SCI.

[11.09] The changing face of the #logistics industry, and why embracing that change is so important.

[14.10] A closer look at the landscape of logistics, the key challenges and #opportunities, and why consumer mindsets are shifting.

[18.25] The rise of borderless #ecommerce, and how SCI is helping customers to embrace it.

[21.12] The secret to SCI’s competitive advantage, and how they’re helping clients to create well-designed supply chains and unlock international markets.

[25.57] How SCI is helping customers with #international expansion and localization.

[28.39] A case study showing how SCI helped a key customer to embrace #borderless commerce with section 321 and put $6 million back on their bottom line.

[31.54] The importance of #partnerships when it comes to creating competitive advantage, and what it looks like to work with SCI.

[34.31] How organizations can get started with Section 321, and what they should be thinking about before they start.

[36.54] The future for the industry, and for SCI.

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