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Providing Exceptional White Glove Services to HPE Relocation – Case Study.

About HPE:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is an American multinational information technology company that provides IT equipment and services to enterprise, commercial, and public sector customers. Their solutions include hardware such as servers, storage, networking, as well as various IT services such as support, managed services, consulting, and cloud services.

HPE Relocation Services is a division of HPE that provides services to physically relocate customer’s HPE branded, and non-HPE branded high-value, critical IT infrastructure and equipment. To offer this service HPE needed to find a reliable relocation move partner with expertise in handling sensitive equipment across various locations, including local, national, and international moves with the utmost care. They also needed an experienced white glove service provider who understood their specialized requirements and handling and could collaborate closely with their team to ensure the best relocation solutions for their customers.

SCI’s White Glove Services:

The consistent delivery of exceptional customer satisfaction and the ability to handle critical and sensitive IT infrastructure were crucial factors in HPE choosing to partner with SCI White Glove.  SCI’s partnership with HPE Relocation service focuses on supporting customers across Canada who require transportation for complex moves of high-value products such as IT racks, servers, and associated components. SCI White Glove has been the preferred white glove partner for HPE for over 20 years, providing services for short or long-haul moves during business hours, weeknights, and weekends.

SCI assists with the planning and execution of these white glove projects, which begins with assessing the complexity of the move, and the resources needed based on extensive knowledge of the client and services needed. From here SCI’s team will advise on specific timing in order to meet deadlines, schedule the crew and any special escorts, book the necessary equipment, etc. SCI regularly communicates with HPE to ensure everything is in place for their team and both parties have full visibility of the project.

SCI ensures quality services by using their own specialty trucks, delivery equipment, and driver teams for deliveries nationwide. From lift gates to cranes, stairs, heavy lifting, and air ride transportation equipment, SCI has transportation solutions to suit all types of valuable cargo for HPE. SCI’s white glove teams also implements strict security measures and systems and are high-security certified.

SCI White Glove Services Crane


“SCI White Glove has been our go-to white glove service provider for many years and distinguished itself by providing a high-level of professional expertise and experience. SCI fully understands HPE’s needs and requirements, working closely with us to devise the best relocation solutions for our customers.” – Yad Banga, Information Systems Architect, HPE Services

Partnering to Provide Exceptional Customer Service:

The successful partnership has flourished due to the exceptional customer service provided by SCI and the strong relationship between HPE and the SCI team. SCI provides a high-level of professional experience in white glove services that perfectly aligned with HPE’s requirements. “I was most impressed with the genuine honesty, integrity, and unmatched collaboration, care, and attention to detail SCI provides us with when creating our relocation solution for our end customers,” says Yad Banga. “The care and attention to detail throughout each relocation process, from planning to execution, is commendable. The transparent and well-executed hand-off to the SCI-White Glove delivery teams across Canada further solidified HPE’s confidence in SCI’s capabilities.”

“HPE is more than just a client. Our collaboration over the years has fostered a deep understanding and mutual appreciation for each other’s businesses, and SCI is often given a seat at the decision-making table,” states Sebastien Boivin, SCI Account Manager. “Our relationship is built on trust and SCI is a pivotal part of their project management and client interactions. The shared understanding of our capabilities, intentions, and their expectations is precisely why they continue to engage SCI’s White Glove services.”

Since partnering with SCI, HPE has achieved high levels of customer satisfaction with every relocation project they have undertaken.

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