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Webinar: What does Section 321 Mean for D2C Brands?

Section 321 is a legislation that provides customs duty and tariff exemptions for shipments of merchandise imported from Canada or Mexico into the United States that is worth less than $800 USD per day. In this webinar experts from SCI, ChannelApe, and Darnit share unique strategies on how your e-commerce D2C brand can leverage Section 321 to maximize your margins.

You will learn:

  • What Section 321 is and what kind of companies can benefit from duty elimination
  • How D2C brands can save money on import taxes by using the Section 321 exemption
  • How using Section 321 can maximize your customer reach
  • How Section 321 can strengthen your logistics and supply chain management as well as boost your customer order efficiency
  • How the Section 321 end-to-end process works

Watch the full webinar below.

At SCI, our team of Section 321 North American supply chain consultants will support you from start to finish to help reduce import duty tariff costs and comply with non-resident trade regulations. SCI and ChannelApe have worked with footwear brand Saysh on this initiative to help them save on costs, scale their operations, and build brand loyalty. Click here to read the success story for more information. Reach out to a Section 321 consultant today to learn more about the process and where to begin.

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Webinar: Tips on Developing a Resilient North American E-Commerce Strategy

COVID-19 has forced millions of consumers to shop online and consequently created and reinforced new buying behaviors.  In both Canada and the USA there has been a significant increase in online commerce since the beginning of the pandemic.

As a result, brands are focusing on their online presence creating direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategies, further transforming the e-commerce landscape. In this evolving space, brands are taking advantage of the opportunity to increase their international presence, while still trying to meet customer service levels and navigate cross-border tariffs and taxes.

In this informative webinar, a panel of e-commerce experts from SCI, Canada Post, Saysh, and 6 River Systems share current customer buying habits, how brands are managing their cross-border logistics, and where retailers play a role in the new DTC market. The speakers include:

Mamta Dogra – Director, Parcels & E-commerce Enterprise Marketing, Canada Post
Dwayne Johnson – Sr Director, Business Development, Omni-Channel Retail, SCI
Dave Mack – Vice President of Omni-Channel Retail & Marketing, SCI
Austin Cooper – Head of Supply Chain, Saysh
Callie Moriarty – Solutions Executive, 6 River Systems
Salosan Soundhararajah – Senior Manager, Product Development, SCI 


Leveraging data on the latest trends, as well as real-world scenarios, our panel covers a variety of topics including:

  • What direct to consumer growth opportunities are there in North America?
  • What can businesses to do enhance their North American e-commerce strategy?
  • What does the Canadian cross-border shopper look like and who are they buying from?
  • What challenges are businesses facing with their direct-to-consumer strategies?
  • What can businesses to do create a more resilient and adaptable e-commerce strategy?
  • What is Section 321 and how can DTC use it to create a more competitive supply chain?
  • How will the relationship between brands, retailers, and consumers change moving forward?

Click the video link to watch the full webinar with tips on developing a resilient North American e-commerce strategy.



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