In an era defined by uncertainty, it can be harder than ever for supply chain teams to operate efficiently, let alone capture competitive advantages. In addition to facing down changing regulations, trade disputes, climate change and labour unrest, leaders need to take a more holistic, strategic view of the supply chain. This means supply chain strategies must closely align with the overarching goals of an organization, as well as with the more specific priorities of the procurement, sales, marketing, manufacturing, customer service, and product management teams.

This e-book examines six key challenges facing supply chain leaders today and provides ways an expert 3PL partner can help organizations approach these challenges with end-to-end solutions to become more strategic and resilient. The six challenges covered are:

  1. Empowered consumers
  2. Market and social volatility
  3. Talent shortages
  4. Growing complexity
  5. The need for analytics
  6. The need for digital maturity

Download the e-book now to learn more about each challenge to assist in your planning.