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 SCI Technology Leadership Summit 2018: Key Messages from Industry Experts.

On March 29th, 2018 SCI held their first Technology Leadership Summit in Toronto featuring speakers and attendees from influential organizations in the Canadian technology environment.  The speakers discussed the Internet-of-Things, evolution of hardware manufacturing and deployment, workforce challenges, depot repair options, and other pressing topics.  Get some vital answers by downloading the Summit content below.


See below some key messages presented by the industry experts at the Summit:


Pavel Shcherbin, Schulich school of Business: “Do you think AI will affect your supply chain? From chat bots to placing purchasing requests, to receiving/filing invoices and payment orders, to report writing – it’s already here”



Timothy Schnare, Onx Enterprise: “The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the supply chain management. Mobile computing, analytics, and cloud services fueled by IoT are changing the logistics operations. Will your company transform in time?”


Marc Domenic
Marc Mondesir, Dell EMC: “Together with IT and Security, Workforce is one of the three areas that help drive Digital Transformation. While typically resulting in an increase in productivity and a vast reduction in TCO, transformation requires a shift in costs and resources from “low value” devices and OS related tasks to “high value” apps and data related activities.”


Domenic Creo, CompuCom: “The end users are changing the game for IT services: they want a personal experience and a 24/7 help desk. You can’t have a “one size fits all” and expect it to work.”




Peter Collier, SCI: “The expectation is not going to be for perfection, but for excellence: if my cell phone isn’t connecting to the internet, I will use another device until it comes back. The real expectation is that it will come back fairly quickly.”


Sam Mikles, Flash Global: “89% of companies see themselves as competing primarily on customer experience, and the service supply chain is specifically designed to help you deliver on promises to your customers, globally”


Catherine Evans, Marsh and McLennan: “What cyber threats do we face? How good our controls are? What is the potential impact on my organization?  Get people from all aspects of your business into one room and have them define what they are worried about from a cyber risk perspective.”


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