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SCI’s 2017 Vancouver Omni-Channel Retail Leadership Summit.

On October 5th, 2017 SCI held their second Omni-Channel Retail Leadership Summit in Vancouver featuring speakers and attendees from influential organizations in the Canadian retail environment. To view content from the first Summit in Toronto, click here. How Canadian consumers are driving e-commerce? What consumers expect from retailers? What role returns will play this holiday season? Where we think the future of omni-channel retail is heading? Get some vital answers by downloading the Summit content below.

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See below some key messages presented by the industry experts at the Summit:

 Michael LeBlanc - Vancouver Summit Dave Mack - Vancouver Summit
“Retail is changing, this isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last”

“It’s not an apocalypse, it’s the evolution that’s simply expected over time.  Overall retail growth is strong and we’re seeing conversion numbers have never been better”

“Millennials still like going to the malls.  Retailers just need to figure out how to deliver on the experience they’re looking for.”

Michael LeBlanc, Retail Council of Canada

“At a time when we’re all looking for ways to differentiate ourselves to the customer, why are we often hiding one of the biggest differentiators in the minds of the consumer?”

“While returns is often an after thought in the online world, the most progressive retailers are upfront about their policies.  Clearly displayed on the website and easily understood.”

Dave Mack, SCI



 Johnny Russo - Vancouver Event Michael St Laurent - Vancouver Summit
“Core partners aren’t the ones we spend the most with, they’re the ones that…

•         They don’t ask you to file a ticket when the issue is mission critical

•         They respond within an hour

•         They fix or solution within a day

•         Win/win


“It’s not a mistake to make a mistake, but it’s a mistake to repeat the same mistake”

Johnny Russo, Mark’s

“It’s more than simply being Customer Driven, today it’s about being “Customer Driven and Data Informed”

“Bad things can happen when companies make decisions using gut feeling results without framework thinking to back to it up.”

“People bring cognitive biases to your website.”

“The best optimization process delivers inspiration and proof together”


Michael St Laurent, WiderFunnel




 Brendan Toupin - Vancouver Summit Paul Busch - Vancouver Summit
“Everyone at Best Buy has had to become an analyst as Data now drives all the prioritization discussions. This didn’t happen overnight but through a grass roots evolution process from within using three pillars: accountability, empowerment and collaboration”

“In every functional area, we’ve become comfortable with the concept of launching a Minimum Viable Product and using that as a starting point on where to take things next”.

“We hire for cultural fit more than ever before!  No more brilliant jerks allowed on the team”.

Brendan Toupin, BestBuy

“Returns liquidation is a key element in your arsenal to extract value from returned product…  However, it needs to be approached as a process rather than an event.”

Paul Busch, B Stock Returns







 Keri Bennett - Vancouver Summit
 “Privacy legislation is both blunt and opaque at the same time.  But remember, the principles will remain regardless of the channel with which you communicate”

Keri Bennet, Fasken Martineau

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