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How One 3PL Partner Can Support Your Omni-Channel Retail E-Commerce Strategy.

In today’s competitive digital landscape, having a strong omni-channel ecommerce retail strategy is essential for businesses looking to thrive in the online marketplace. With the rapid growth of e-commerce, customers are now engaging with brands across multiple channels, from websites and social media platforms to physical stores. To effectively meet customer expectations and deliver a seamless shopping experience, retailers must leverage the power of an omni-channel approach.

What is Omni-Channel Retail?

Omni-channel retail refers to the practice of creating a consistent and unified customer experience across all channels, both online and offline. It involves seamlessly integrating various touchpoints, such as websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, and physical stores, to provide customers with a cohesive and personalized journey. The goal is to meet customers wherever they are, allowing them to engage with the brand at their convenience and preferred channel.

The Rise of Omni-Channel Commerce

The rise of omni channel commerce is driven by the changing consumer behavior and expectations. According to recent studies, 73% of consumers now use multiple channels in their purchase journey. This shift in consumer behavior has prompted many retailers to adopt an omni-channel strategy. By embracing this approach, retailers can expand their customer reach, increase sales, and stay competitive in the market.

The Benefits of an Omni-Channel Retail Strategy

Implementing an effective omni-channel retail strategy can bring numerous benefits to businesses. Let’s explore some of the key advantages:

1. Meeting Customers Where They Are

One of the primary advantages of an omni-channel strategy is the ability to reach customers on their preferred channels. With 85% of consumers using a combination of physical and digital channels, it’s crucial for retailers to be present where their customers are. Whether it’s social media platforms, online marketplaces, or physical stores, omni-channel e-commerce enables businesses to engage with customers seamlessly and provide a consistent experience.

Omni-channel retail shopping

2. Expanding Customer Reach

An omni-channel retail strategy allows businesses to expand their customer reach by being present on multiple channels. By diversifying sales channels, retailers can tap into new audiences and demographics. For example, selling on leading marketplaces like Amazon, Facebook, Walmart, and eBay can help businesses reach millions of potential customers who prefer to shop on these platforms.

3. Offering Unique Customer Experiences

With an omni-channel approach, retailers can offer unique and personalized customer experiences based on the channel. This includes leveraging technologies like intelligent chatbots to answer customer questions, implementing augmented reality for virtual product try-ons, and providing flexible purchasing options. By offering these unique experiences, retailers can delight customers and drive brand loyalty.

4. Enhanced Supply Chain Efficiency

An effective omni-channel retail strategy can optimize supply chain efficiency, leading to faster business growth. By streamlining the fulfillment process and leveraging technologies like distributed order management systems (DOMs), retailers can process orders quickly and deliver products to customers in a timely manner. DOM technology automatically routes orders to be fulfilled from whichever distribution center is geographically closest to the customer for faster shipping. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also enables businesses to scale and handle higher order volumes.

Omni-channel fulfillment

Leveraging Third Party Logistics (3PL) for Omni-Channel Success

Implementing an omni-channel retail strategy can be complex, requiring careful planning, technology integration, and operational expertise. This is where a third-party logistics (3PL) partner can play a crucial role in supporting retailers’ e-commerce strategies. A 3PL partner brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to the table, enabling businesses to navigate the challenges of omni-channel retail effectively.

1. Strategy and Planning

A 3PL partner can provide valuable insights and expertise in developing an omni channel retail strategy. With their industry knowledge and experience, they can help retailers identify the right channels to target, optimize inventory management, and streamline fulfillment processes. By partnering with a 3PL, retailers can benefit from strategic guidance and planning to ensure the success of their omni-channel initiatives.

2. Economies of Scale

By partnering with a 3PL, retailers can leverage economies of scale to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. 3PLs have established relationships with carriers, allowing them to negotiate better shipping rates and access a wider network of transportation options. 3PLs also have relationships with vendors and partners, as well as access to a larger pool of technology, resources and labour, based on their size and scope. This enables retailers to offer competitive rates to customers and optimize their overall logistics operations.

3. WMS and OMS Technology

A key advantage of partnering with a 3PL is gaining access to advanced warehouse management system (WMS) and order management system (OMS) technology. These robust software solutions enable retailers to efficiently manage inventory, track orders in real-time, and automate fulfillment processes. By integrating their systems with the 3PL’s technology, retailers can achieve seamless order processing and inventory management across all channels.

4. Automation Technology

Automation plays a vital role in omni-channel retail success. A 3PL partner can provide access to cutting-edge automation technologies, such as robotics and AI, to streamline fulfillment operations. Automated picking and packing systems can significantly improve order accuracy and speed, allowing retailers to meet customer expectations for fast and error-free deliveries. By leveraging automation technology, retailers can enhance their operational efficiency and scalability.

automation technology

5. Existing Warehousing and Distribution Network

A 3PL partner brings an existing network of strategically located warehouses and distribution centers. This enables retailers to store inventory closer to customers, reducing shipping distances and transit times. By leveraging the 3PL’s warehousing and distribution network, retailers can fulfill orders faster and more cost-effectively, regardless of the sales channel. This enhances the overall customer experience and improves satisfaction levels.

6. Existing Transportation Network and Partnerships

In addition to warehousing and distribution capabilities, 3PL partners have established transportation networks and partnerships with various carriers. This allows retailers to choose from a wide range of shipping options, including national and regional carriers, to meet the specific needs of their customers. The 3PL’s transportation expertise ensures efficient and reliable delivery, even across multiple channels.

7. Kitting and Packaging Services

Many 3PL partners offer value-added services such as kitting and packaging. This is particularly beneficial for retailers with complex product offerings or customization options. By outsourcing these tasks to a 3PL, retailers can save time and resources while ensuring that orders are accurately assembled, packaged, and labeled. Kitting and packaging services help create a consistent and professional brand image across all channels.

Kitting and Packaging

8. Quality Assurance

Maintaining product quality and ensuring customer satisfaction are critical in omni-channel retail. A 3PL partner can perform quality assurance checks, including inspections, product testing, and packaging verification, to ensure that products meet the required standards. This helps minimize returns and customer complaints, enhancing the overall shopping experience and protecting the retailer’s brand reputation.

9. Resiliency and Scalability

Omni-channel retail requires flexibility and scalability to adapt to changing market conditions and customer demands. By partnering with a 3PL, retailers can benefit from the scalability of their operations. Whether it’s scaling up during peak seasons or expanding into new channels, a 3PL can provide the necessary infrastructure and resources to support business growth. This ensures that retailers can meet customer expectations consistently, regardless of the sales channel.

10. Cross-Border Strategy

For retailers looking to expand their business globally, a 3PL partner can offer valuable cross-border solutions. Examples include localization strategies, so that inventory is placed in the same country as your customers, so they receive their orders faster and without cross-border shipping fees.  By leveraging the 3PL’s knowledge and network, retailers can navigate the complexities of cross-border trade and expand their customer base across different countries and regions.

Cross-Border Shipping

SCI’s Capabilities in Supporting Omni-Channel Retail E-commerce Strategies

1. Comprehensive Omni-Channel Retail Solutions:

For over 30 years, our comprehensive Omni-Channel Retail Solutions have been trusted by retail apparel, footwear, housewares, and specialty good brands. We offer tailored, scalable, technology-led solutions that optimize supply chain operations, delivering an unparalleled service in the market.

2. Diverse E-commerce Fulfillment Services:

Our diverse e-commerce fulfillment services offer scalable direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce fulfillment covering inbound, inventory management, pick, pack, ship, transportation, and returns management. We also provide end-to-end wholesale fulfillment for multi-channel, multi-retailer supply chains.

3. Integrated Transportation Management:

In the realm of Integrated Transportation Management, we offer a unique combination of contract logistics and transportation solutions from a single 3PL partner. Our best-in-class Transportation Management System (TMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) ensure end-to-end visibility across all operations, giving you complete control and assurance.

4. Strategic Planning and Consultation:

Our strategic planning and consultation is supported by a dedicated team that helps maximize your North American fulfillment operations strategy. Our client-centric approach focuses on building a trusting partnership and bringing value to your business, ensuring that your needs are always our priority.

Strategic Planning and Consulation

5. Cross-Border E-commerce Fulfillment:

We also specialize in cross-border e-commerce fulfillment, with in-depth knowledge of U.S. and Canadian supply chain industry. Our strategic warehouses and relationships with top U.S. carriers give us a competitive advantage, helping your business stay ahead. Our southbound fulfillment services can also help clients leverage the Section 321 exemption to reduce duty and tariff costs when shipping products to U.S. customers from Canada.

6. Localize Inventory in Canada:

Our service to localize inventory in Canada can results in faster delivery times and reduced costs by fulfilling Canadian orders from within the border. Our seamless services, supported by 30+ distribution centers and 8 transportation hubs, ensure coast-to-coast responsiveness, making us the ideal partner for your omni-channel retail business.

7. Agile In-House Kitting and Packaging:

SCI is a leader in providing agile in-house packaging and kitting services nationally. Whether you ship stock or offer custom subscription kits, we’ll execute a fast and accurate kitting process, with personalized touches. We have the flexibility and expertise to meet your brands vision and create the perfect un-boxing moment.

8. Resiliency & Scalability:

Respond to fluctuations in product demand with strategic planning, flexible B2C fulfillment solutions, and contingency planning. Combining national coverage, forward-thinking expertise, progressive technology, and data driven insights, we design solutions to fit your current logistics needs while adapting as your business evolves.

9. End-to-End Omni-Channel Retail Services:

Our end-to-end omni-channel retail services include inbound logistics for swift reach to customers, order management, fulfillment, packaging, kitting, diverse order handling, warehouse management, dynamic reporting, and returns management, making us a comprehensive solution for all your omni-channel e-commerce retail needs.

10. Dynamic Reporting and Business Intelligence:

Our award-winning integrated Business Intelligence (BI) tool gives you end-to-end supply chain visibility so you can stay connected to your day-to-day to make nimble and informed decisions. SCI’s intuitive, easy-to-use BI portal provides on-demand reporting and insights on your key business metrics, including: on-hand inventory; open orders; track and trace; and performance dashboards highlighting trends and key insights on your business.

Business Intelligence Reporting

11. Returns Management:

We prioritize customer satisfaction with our returns management solutions. Managed by a seasoned reverse logistics team, our seamless returns process keeps customers happy with efficient returns solutions, reflecting our commitment to service excellence.


In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, an effective omni-channel retail strategy is crucial for businesses to succeed. By creating a seamless and unified customer experience across multiple channels, retailers can meet customer expectations, expand their reach, and drive business growth. Partnering with a 3PL brings valuable resources and expertise to support the implementation of an omni-channel strategy. From strategy and planning to advanced technology and operational capabilities, a 3PL can help retailers navigate the complexities of omni-channel retail and achieve success in the competitive e-commerce landscape. Embracing an omni-channel approach with the support of a 3PL is the key to unlocking the full potential of e-commerce.

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