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How Surgically Clean Air Outsourced Their Fulfillment to SCI to Meet Growing Demand – Case Study.

About Surgically Clean Air

Surgically Clean Air is a leading provider of premium air purification solutions for medical professionals, businesses, and educational institutions. They design, manufacture, and distribute their commercial grade air purification equipment across North America and Europe with plans to expand.

Responding to Rapid Growth

When the pandemic hit, businesses looked for solutions to keep employees and patrons safe indoors with clean, purified air. Demand for air purification products grew very quickly in a short amount of time, resulting in an increased volume of orders that they could not fulfill themselves in-house.  As a result, Surgically Clean Air began the search for a reliable 3PL partner that could fulfill their orders with a integrated warehousing and transportation strategy while also being cost efficient for their business operations.

“After researching several 3PL partners, we chose to move forward with SCI because of their very high reputation for being reliable within the 3PL industry,” says Jamil Frig, VP Operations and Supply Chain “After our first meeting we knew that the staff would be easy to work with and I was confident they understood our business. Most importantly, they were willing to work and grow with us during these very dynamic times”

SCI has several warehouse facilities within Mississauga and the Greater Toronto. By partnering with SCI, Surgically Clean Air had access to SCI’s extensive national distribution and transport network, strategic planning capabilities and business intelligence to stay competitive and grow their business.

Scaling for Success

SCI’s operations and IT teams worked quickly to get all Surgically Clean Air SKU’s set up physically in the warehouse and on their warehouse management system so the EDI connections could be made for efficient order fulfillment. Surgically Clean Air had a very unpredictable demand profile due to the extraordinary Covid related conditions. They also had specific distribution requirements that covered both deliveries and part replenishment for a completely new infrastructure across Canada. This included special handling and care for the equipment during the pick and pack process. Once orders are packed, they were shipped out to clients through SCI’s transportation network.

“SCI worked with Surgically Clean Air’s supply chain team to understand their distribution requirements and production constraints which led to a unique logistics and transportation solution answering for both efficiency and adaptability,” explains William El Khouri, Group General Manager, Transportation and Services for SCI.  “We scaled up the main critical operation within weeks and kept on adapting our capacity and capabilities as we learned about their evolving needs.”

Within the first 6 months of 2022, SCI fulfilled 1,895 orders for Surgically Clean Air with a 95% on time average for their SLA. Once the company’s fulfillment operations were set up with SCI, Surgically Clean Air could focus their efforts back on sales, customer care, and growing their business.

“We knew SCI would take care of our orders across Canada. Even when last minute requests have arisen, their staff and senior management have been very responsive. SCI is a mature 3PL provider with experienced staff offering reliable, efficient, and cost-effective fulfillment solutions across Canada. They have been an excellent and patient partner as we continue to grow our business in this extremely dynamic environment.” – Jamil Frig


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