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CleanSlate UV – case study.

CleanSlate UV was founded in 2014 with a mission to prevent the spread of germs on mobile devices. The CleanSlate UV Sanitizer is a hospital-grade device that uses medical-grade UV light to sanitize mobile devices in just 20 seconds. Today, this simple and effective product is deployed in over 800 healthcare, retail, hospitality and educational facilities around the world, and has successfully cleaned more than 40-million devices. The company is headquartered in Toronto, ON with offices in Buffalo, NY and partners worldwide.

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When the COVID-19 pandemic devastated the retail industry in 2020, CleanSlate UV stepped in to help stores find innovative and effective ways to safely reopen. The hospital-grade technology enables customers and workers to sanitize their phones, debit cards, wallets, keys and other objects as they enter and leave the store.

To respond quickly to the huge demand, the operations team at CleanSlate UV needed a supply chain partner that had a national presence and the ability to scale quickly to meet the precise delivery, installation and infield management needs of the sanitizer in locations across Canada.

It was a natural fit for CleanSlate UV to partner with the experienced healthcare team at SCI. With its licensed, dedicated healthcare facilities, national distribution network, white glove transportation and infield technical support resources, SCI provided the end-to-end support to launch the sanitizer into the retail channel, while ensuring a great experience for consumers and minimal interruption to retail operations.

Starting with installations in an iconic Canadian retail chain, the project expanded rapidly to include restaurant chains and airports as the demand for the product grew, and as businesses were adopting preventive measures to reopen safely.

SCI provided CleanSlate UV with strategic planning, inbound logistics, warehousing, delivery, on-site installation, field service and distribution of critical spare parts. Of course, there were numerous challenges that had to be navigated, including tight delivery windows in downtown metropolitan locations, quickly installing the units and removing debris, and providing 24-hour turnaround times for on-site service—all during the uncertain days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The SCI team drew on its planning and strategy expertise to help CleanSlate UV successfully deploy, install and provide servicing for its product across Canada in a matter of weeks.

“I’m pleased with how SCI managed the launch as our partner. We’ve experienced significant growth, and having an agile and strategic partner is key,” explains Scott Mason, Co-founder of CleanSlate UV. “We had to respond rapidly to the uncertainties of the pandemic with our product, and this often meant that we asked SCI to take on new scope at a moment’s notice.”

“Having SCI as our partner gives us the confidence that our solution is always available to keep people safe.” – Scott Mason, Co-founder of CleanSlate UV.

The installations went very smoothly, and the sanitizers are now enhancing the shopping experience at this retailer.

When customers and associates enter and leave the stores, they place their phones and other objects into the Cleanslate UV device while they use the hand sanitizing station nearby. By the time their hands are clean, so are their items.

“It’s really gratifying to be helping customers feel confident when they venture out to shop, and I know our retail client is happy to be delivering the safest possible shopping experience to its customers and staff,” Mason says.

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