SCI fait maintenant partie de Chaîne d’approvisionnement Metro inc.!

Aperçu : Exécution des commandes par un prestataire de services logistiques en tierce partie pour les produits de santé naturels et les produits nutraceutiques au Canada

The popularity of natural health products and nutraceuticals has grown exponentially in the past few years as consumers focus on their health and wellness. The nutraceutical market itself in Canada is expected to grow by 5.62% in the upcoming five years. Natural health products (NHPs) are naturally occurring substances that are used to restore or […]

Relever les six principaux défis de la chaîne d’approvisionnement

In an era defined by uncertainty, it can be harder than ever for supply chain teams to operate efficiently, let alone capture competitive advantages. In addition to facing down changing regulations, trade disputes, climate change and labour unrest, leaders need to take a more holistic, strategic view of the supply chain. This means supply chain […]

Développer une stratégie de cybercommerce « nord-américaine » adaptable

COVID-19 has forced millions of consumers to shop online and consequently created and reinforced new buying behaviors.  In both Canada and the USA there has been a significant increase in online commerce since the beginning of the pandemic. As a result, brands are focusing on their online presence creating direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategies, further transforming the […]

Les kiosques libre-service gagnent en popularité au Canada et ne semblent pas près de ralentir

SCI and Signifi Proprietary Research: Half of Canadian Organizations Have Increased Investment in Kiosk Technology Since 2019 TORONTO, October 7, 2021 – New proprietary research from SCI Group Inc. (SCI) and Signifi Solutions Inc. (Signifi) reveals that investment in self-service technologies is exploding as Canadian businesses seek safe distancing, touchless transactions and a simple, intuitive […]

Faites connaissance avec nos robots collaboratifs

People and technology working together to improve productivity, safety and order accuracy is one of the hallmarks of SCI’s warehouse innovation and automation programs. At SCI, we’re always looking for ways to make our workplace and our client service even better, and that’s why we use collaborative robots also known as cobots.  These autonomous collaborative […]

La pandémie suscite une adoption rapide des kiosques

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe impact on every industry, forcing businesses across Canada to come to terms with new operating environments. Many are looking for ways to deliver a positive employee and customer experience, while improving safety and reducing costs. Kiosks, or automated self-service devices, can play a key role in this. The […]

SCI Experts featured on the latest The Voice of Retail Podcast

The latest episode of Michael Leblanc’s popular podcast, The Voice of Retail, features an interview with our CEO, Chris Galindo, as well as the panel discussion from our recent SCI Executive Summit, both talking about the importance of preparing for the upcoming peak season. Chris’s interview provides key insights regarding the logistics of ecommerce from […]

5 Key Learnings from the SCI Executive Summit, by SCI’s CEO, Chris Galindo

Today’s constant evolution of e-commerce makes it hard for brands to stay relevant and meet the increasing demands of consumers. In addition, most brands are now facing a longer peak season, brought on by the adoption of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so companies need to adopt new e-commerce strategies or risk losing their market […]

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