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Managing White Glove Delivery Of MRI Machine To A Leading Canadian Healthcare Facility.

Recently, SCI worked alongside the McGill University Health Centre on the delivery and installation of Canada’s most 
sophisticated heart MRI machine.

la livraison avec service Gants blancs

The new machine will allow the centre to carry out heart observations that are otherwise impossible, such as swelling, increased fat content and a lack of oxygen, with the hopes of faster and more accurate diagnoses. The health centre expects to carry out up to 2,500 research scans per year.

For SCI, this unique supply chain situation required a creative solution for our white glove team to deliver this high-value machine in a timely manner. SCI’s extensive experience in the delivery and installation of highly complex equipment allowed the team to build and execute a plan that ensured client success.

la livraison avec service Gants blancs
As part of the process, the team was equipped with handheld computers, cellular communications and GPS tracking devices to coordinate the delivery and installation while monitoring and reporting the shipment status. This $4 million, 7.7-tonne 3T General Electric SIGNA machine was shipped with the utmost care utilizing air-ride vehicles and the most up to date equipment.

On September 21, the MRI was expertly transported to the facility by highly-trained SCI personnel. One of the biggest challenges of the installation was getting the machine onto the second floor. Our solution was to cut a hole in the exterior of the building big enough to lift the machine through. Once that was complete, the team cautiously lifted the MRI by crane through the opening, onto the second floor and straight into the radiology department.

McGill University Health Centre MRI - white glove delivery by SCI

“The delivery and installation of this MRI is just one example of our expertise in white glove transportation services,” said Chris Galindo, CEO, SCI Group Inc. “These types of transfers require precise handling, special equipment and highly trained personnel to execute delivery properly and securely. We’ve also invested in the latest shipping technologies, such as two-way imaging, video feeds and temperature monitoring, to provide our clients with real time visibility to these valuable shipments.”

SCI’s continued investment into healthcare, including the launch of our healthcare-dedicated facilities in Toronto and Vancouver in 2019, have allowed us to streamline clients’ supply chain demands and reduce overall complexity so that our clients can continue to focus on customer care and research. All solutions are governed by SCI’s Quality Management System which operates rigid process controls through all areas of the supply chain. This ensures healthcare clients will effectively comply with Canadian regulatory standards and safety protocols.

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