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Specialized Services

Find efficiencies in your supply chain with one experienced 3PL partner managing all your unique logistical needs. From kitting to consumer home delivery, leverage our wide array of value-added services to make your supply chain the most streamlined it can be.
Packaging and Kitting

Packaging and Kitting

Optimize your supply chain and order fulfillment practices with packaging and kitting services executed in our facilities.
Patient Home Delivery

Patient Home Delivery

Prioritize patient care by having crucial medical equipment and supplies delivered in a timely manner.
Cross-Border Localization

Cross-Border Localization

Keep your Canadian customers satisfied with fast, accurate fulfillment from local distribution centres.

Packaging and Kitting

No matter how unique your packaging and kitting needs are, trust that our team can expertly fulfill your requests –and satisfy your customers, too.

Contract Packing Services

Leverage custom services –like sorting, stuffing, tagging, and labelling –to suit your organization’s high-volume packing needs.

Gift Wrapping

Let customers add a personalized touch to their orders on special occasions with gift wrapping services.


From placing batteries into devices to attaching security tags to apparel, deliver ready-to-use products with our custom assembly services.

Retail Displays and Demo Preparation

Have your products or equipment assembled, tested, and prepared for displays and demonstrations –available both on-site and in our facilities.

Kit to Stock and Kit to Order

Delight your customers with a fast and accurate kitting process, whether you ship stock or offer custom subscription kits.

Patient Home Delivery

Leave patient home delivery in the hands of partners who care about your patients as much as you do. With accountable, on-time delivery, you can trust our team to keep your patients satisfied in the comfort of their home.

Cross-Border Localization

Fulfilling Canadian orders internationally can result in customs delays and longer time in transit. Differentiate your organization with faster delivery times by fulfilling thousands of Canadian orders from within the border.

Scale Your Business with SCI

Expand your organization’s growth, reach, and success with Canada’s leading 3PL partner today.