Transportation Management

Shipping your products to customers and consumers in the most cost effective way while respecting required delivery dates represents additional challenges for your logistics team. Have you ever considered outsourcing this operation to a trusted partner?

SCI provides a wide range of transportation management solutions to solve all the challenges you are facing in terms of enhancing the customer experience while being cost effective. Our transportation management solutions include sameday, next flight out, direct drive, White Glove, full truck load, less than a truck load, etc.

The network of carriers integrated into our transportation management system (TMS) allows for inclusive access to the following helpful tools:

  • Network planning – SCI’s engineers will analyze your network and propose customized and cost effective solutions specifically for you. The team helps our clients by recommending where to stock products to meet your customer’s demands and suggesting various options to drive transportation costs down
  • Procurement – SCI’s eProcurement web portal manages freight processes, and leveraging SCI’s important buying power consequently leads to significant savings
  • Shipment Management and Tracking – control centres linked to our carriers operate 24 / 7, while providing bilingual services and managing and monitoring freight with full traceability and visibility
  • Freight settlement – Programs with auditing services are available to settle freight accounts. We tailor our billing to your specifications, and it integrates with fuel programs (FACC and M.J. Erving). Managing accruals is included in the program.
  • Performance reporting – Access the reports you asked for through your very own and highly secure customer portal, and keep track of your business with useful insights.
  • Analytics – SCI will provide a comprehensive analysis of your shipment history, detecting trends and identifying additional opportunities to improve service or reduce costs

SCI’s outstanding breadth of services enables us to be recognized as the leading 3PL with the best coverage in Canada. This is why we are a favoured partner for a diverse clientele. By leveraging SCI’s 30 plus years of experience, our dedicated team of highly educated and skilled professionals, and our in-depth industry knowledge, it will be easy to see how SCI’s transportation management can have a positive effect on your company. Partner with SCI and stop worrying about the status of your shipments. We have it all covered with our effective and proven transportation management system.

Contact SCI today to learn more about our Transportation Management services and multiple benefits of partnering with a nationally leading supply chain solutions provider.