SCI’s Technical Services

When it comes to troubleshooting technical issues that commonly arise, this can be time consuming and could require professional technical support. SCI offers their clients a breadth of enhanced technical services across Canada, rural and remote areas included.

With 13 configuration centers and 35+ field stocking locations within the SCI’s national network, we reach 94% of Canada’s population same day in 4 hours or less, making SCI the preferable partner for technical services across the nation.

SCI’s technical services solutions effectively integrate the three key components: technicians; inventory / parts; sameday transportation.

SCI provides a team of more than 200 certified technicians who are expertly trained to efficiently and reliably perform technical services with the objective of minimizing downtime and loss of productivity for our clients. A Regional Manager ensures consistency of services throughout the country. Services performed on site encompass:

  • IMACD (installations, moves, adds, changes and disposition)
  • Component and network connection
  • Testing and demonstration
  • Cabling, AC, electrical services
  • Triage and diagnostics
  • Break-fix and swap

Configuration and staging are executed in the configuration centre closest to your business ahead of time, so it is ready for installation when the technician arrives on the premises, ensuring minimum downtime and no loss of productivity. With SCI’s vast coverage across the country, there is always a configuration centre with good installation capabilities and network connection close enough to our clients to provide support.

New equipment deployment, technology upgrades, staged roll-outs and repairs keeping your operation up and running are implemented according to your Service Level Agreement. Our professional technicians are proficient with configuration, staging and imaging of various types of equipment including copiers, medical diagnosis devices, automatic tellers, automated kiosks and more.

SCI’s valued clients can confidently rely on a well-organized network of sameday delivery of critical parts with several options such as “in less than an hour” to 2, 4, 6 hours, end of day or next flight out.

Reverse logistics services include asset verification, data removal, inspection and disinfection. Defective products may be repaired, salvaged for parts support, recycled according to our zero landfill policy or disposed of through certified destruction.

The solutions provided by SCI are tailored to your business model and specific needs. Based on our clients’ feedback, we’ve earned a strong reputation for making your business even better through providing the wide range of specialized technical services.

Installation, Swap / Exchanges & Networking

SCI’s skilled team of technicians configure, assemble, and assess all components of a specific solution and connect it to the network to ensure functionality across all elements. SCI’s Swap, Installation, and Network Connection technical services include:

  • Initialization
  • New installation and device activation
  • Parts / equipment swapping
  • 24 / 7 national technician pool
  • 2nd and 3rd level remote install support
  • 3rd and 4th level repair
  • Field repair
  • Depot repair for warranty and out of warranty equipment
  • End to end ticket management
  • Spare parts management

SCI also provides complete exchange, courier exchange/install and swap of broken parts or equipment in the field by a technician, allowing for incomparable technical services with less idle time for your business.

Configuration, Staging and Disk Imaging

Equipment configuration, staging and imaging are among the unique and highly valued technical services offered to clients by SCI. These services support new technology deployments of computing or office equipment that require custom image loads and / or hardware integration.

SCI makes sure that your high-tech equipment is operable soon after it arrives at your end customer’s site. Ensuring that all parts of a solution are interconnected physically and logically, and testing them prior to installation reduces on-site labour and maximizes deployment success.

SCI’s Configuration, Staging and Imaging technical services include:

  • Configuring the most fitted operating system and software release
  • Setting, as well as testing requirements to communicate to the wireless networks
  • Staging devices and equipment that construct a complete solution with components communicating effectively (e.g. cash register linked to monitors, debit/credit machine, cash drawer, electronic scale, and other components)
  • New installations
  • New device activations
  • Trouble shooting of on-site issues
  • Software imaging and loading it on your products that involve custom image loads and hardware integration
  • Integration of Mac and IP addresses
  • Software flashing
  • Repair, part and component salvage, scrapping with certification, recycling according to the best practices
  • Branding and customizing
  • Data deletion/erasure
  • Central Technical Call Center support for remote services such as self install and break / fix
  • Asset tagging and serial number capture for monitoring and tracking products

Staffed with highly trained technicians and engineers, SCI understands your business needs and delivers logistical solutions that lower your total cost of ongoing ownership of high-tech equipment.

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