SCI’s Reverse Logistics

Handling returned products, or reverse logistics is another core aspect of SCI’s wide array of services. When consumers or customers return goods or products to the retailer or manufacturer, they are transported back to our warehouses for unpacking, and are carefully inspected to determine what the next steps are in regards to the returned items. The returned product is examined to see whether it can go back on the shelf for re-selling, or it is worth repairing, if damaged, or the fragments of the product can be used for parts salvaging, or it should be recycled.

Take advantage of the full integration of your inventory and order fulfillment system and get 100% real time visibility 24 / 7, as the returned products are scanned at every step, for monitoring and traceability. RMA management (Return Merchandise Authorization) is a part of the process involved in reverse logistics. This process guarantees:

  • Full visibility of returned goods. With a reference number and a warranty or return form, the decision is made whether to return the goods to our distribution center or to the vendor
  • Tracking of the repair or credit status of your goods
  • Detailed inspection that determines the condition of the returned goods, which is recorded, and if it falls under the manufacturer’s warranty enabling your customers to get a credit
  • Goods not under warranty will be recycled or disposed of according to best practices and the manufacturer’s or retailer’s specifications, in accordance with SCI’s zero landfill policy

SCI’s dedicated reverse logistics team and its rigorous processes and operations ensure that the returned goods are quickly processed, so that credits are promptly issued to the end customers, ensuring their satisfaction with the experience.

Returning goods to a vendor is made easy thanks to the access to 7,200 drop-off outlets across Canada and SCI’s hassle-free return process which may also include cross-border returns.

With SCI’s cutting edge reverse logistics technology, the consumer may create a return label through an approved online shipping system, and delivery updates are emailed as the goods are on their way back to the warehouse.

Rely on SCI’s reverse logistics expertise, spanning more than 30 years, to do the work for you. Recognized as a trusted partner in returns handling for small to enterprise omni-channel retailers, prominent healthcare providers, or major technology brands, SCI will offer a solution that will fit your needs today and tomorrow.

Contact SCI to learn more about Reverse Logistics and discover the benefits of partnering with a nationally leading supply chain solution and service provider.