SCI’s Warehousing and Distribution Services

Built on more than 30 years of valuable experience in third party supply chain solutions, SCI has the knowledge and talent to skillfully manage your supply chain operations including warehousing and distribution strategy.

With labour costs steadily increasing and real estate lease costs progressively growing, Canadian companies are constantly looking at different options to streamline their operations. SCI offers their clients from diverse industries a wide range of customized industry solutions to address their supply chain needs and empowers them to focus on selling their products and growing their business. Let SCI’s team of engineers and professionals develop strategic plans and actions, and take care of your network modelling and optimized warehousing layouts and locations to support your business today as well as down the road.

One of SCI’s many advantages is their unmatched national coverage boasting 27 distribution centers totaling more than 3 million sq. ft., 8 transportation centers, and 35+ field stocking locations. That being said, we’ve got Canada covered from coast-to-coast like no other 3PL. With our vast inventory management coverage across the nation, clients from one side of the country to the other can benefit from efficient and highly accessible warehousing and distribution services.

With SCI’s cutting-edge technology, we ensure full integration of your system into SCI’s for 100% traceability and visibility in real time 24 / 7 with best-in-breed 99.9% order fulfillment accuracy. In addition, our innovative and unparalleled inventory management and delivery offerings combined with a dedicated team focused on customers’ needs have enabled SCI to become the leader in Canadian 3PLs for diverse industries including Omni-channel Retail, Healthcare and Technology logistics.

The entire team at SCI works hard to ensure that right from order fulfillment our goals are aligned with our clients’. We value our clients and in turn our clients trust us with their supply chain strategies, making us the preferred third party logistics partner for a diverse clientele. Our ability to develop solutions improving clients’ business results makes us a unique supply chain solutions company with the ability to integrate inventory management like no one else. Your business is successful today – we will make it even better.

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