Client Care

The focus on clients’ success is at the very core of SCI’s culture, and the company treats the clients’ needs and requirements as a top priority. Our employees are always ready to go an extra mile, while constantly looking for opportunities to do things better and offer new services that will enable our clients to achieve more.

SCI’s culture is inspired by this thinking, where the client is at the heart of everyone’s daily work.

SCI is a lean operation; its flat organizational structure means that:

  • Decisions are made quickly and escalation process is simple
  • Clients have direct access to SCI’s top leaders
  • Two way communications are always open

SCI – Credible and Reliable Logistics Partner

Decades of client commitment have built SCI’s reputation in the marketplace. SCI enjoys a high level of credibility and is recognized across the country for being a reliable 3PL partner. Long-lasting relationships with valued clients are the evidence of SCI’s dedication to becoming an integral, performance-driven part of a client’s team.


The entire team at SCI is strongly accountable for their performance and clients’ results. We believe in the importance of sharing objectives and outcomes with everyone in the company, and getting everybody engaged. Clearly defined objectives and targets make for better results for SCI’s clients. Regular business reviews with clients are opportunities to reaffirm the goals and apply best practices and lessons learned.

Continuous Improvement

SCI’s Continuous Improvement Program’s primary focus is to drive Continuous Improvement and Lean Six Sigma initiatives and ideas, and develop them into better business practices that reduce costs, increase revenues, enhance safety and the work environment, and improve the customer experience. CI incentives and targets are ingrained into all levels of the organization such as annual incentive payouts, employee developmental action plans, quarterly benefits for hourly employees and projects that generate additional capacity. The CI Rewards programs are designed to encourage employees to actively participate in the CI program and directly contribute to the continued success of the company.

By measuring benefits in four key categories (Cost Avoidance, Cost Reduction, Revenue Growth & Capacity Increase) SCI continues to enhance and build a world class CI culture with a renewed focus on projects that eliminate waste, develop our people through training, share learning’s and retain talent.


Innovative thinking is key to the ongoing growth of SCI. Everybody is encouraged to look beyond the obvious, help the organization envision what’s next – and pave the future of logistics while elevating client satisfaction. There are many reasons to pursue innovation with SCI:

  • In-depth knowledge and expertise
  • A genuine desire to help your business scale
  • Strong leadership throughout the company
  • Quarterly reports that help you keep track of your business
  • Customized solutions that go far beyond a one-size-fits all approach
  • A unique understanding of the Canadian marketplace and unparalleled coverage coast-to-coast

To scale up your business while improving customer satisfaction, contact SCI’s retail e-commerce fulfillment experts today.