Global retail and online sales professionals continue to struggle with perfecting
and rolling out omni-channel solutions to meet the needs of the growing horde of
digitally savvy, connected consumers.

The stakes couldn’t be higher and my personal point of view is that those who
aren’t able to offer a seamless omni-channel customer experience may cease to
be relevant to consumers within five years if not sooner.

With nothing less than the very future of the business hanging in the balance,
and with your every move subject to ongoing social media scrutiny and sharing,
where can a retailer turn?

It may surprise you but the best answer may just be Canada!
Before you say there we go pumping up Canada again let me share the reasons:

1. Canada is a relatively small market, ideal for an omni-channel strategy test
(roughly same population as California and only one half of a percent of global

2. Key to an omni-channel logistics trial, this relatively small population is also
spread over a very wide geographic area (Canada is 25% larger than the US in
land area)

3. Canadians are connected, digitally savvy and active online shoppers
(consumers in Canada are the heaviest internet users in the world, at 45 hours
spent online per month vs 39 hours per month in the United States)

4. Canadians are generally easy going. This means they will most likely be a bit
more forgiving with any initial missteps with your omni-channel program
(assuming of course that immediate action is taken to correct any issues)

5. Last but not least, the lower population density identified above makes Canada
an even more compelling candidate country in which to combine your DC
inventory to support stores, with your Fulfillment Centre inventory to support
online orders – a key step in every omni-channel logistics journey.

Conducting an omni-channel logistics network strategy can be complex and there
are many variables to be considered with one of those being how to test and
rollout your strategy.

So when you’re ready to strut your omni-channel stuff, and thinking of the best
place to do a trial run and get the bugs out, think about these 5 great reasons to
look North to Canada!