Warehousing and Distribution

Scalable, customized healthcare logistics, environmentally controlled and cGMP compliant warehouse & distribution centers

Compliance to Regulatory Standards

Licensed by Health Canada, SCI understands the changing regulatory logistics environment and helps you remain compliant

Transportation Services

From same day delivery to white glove shipping of medical equipment, SCI provides supply chain solutions to fit your needs


SCI partners with Healthcare professionals to streamline their supply chain demands and reduce overhead complexity so that they can focus on what they do best – patient care
Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Medical device advancements help save the lives of patients in Canada by simplifying the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and illnesses. Improved life expectancies consequently increase the demand for health care technologies and enlarge the potential market for medical devices. In this ever changing environment, medical device manufacturing companies have to continuously re-adjust by restructuring their operations, creating strategic alliances, and outsourcing their supply chain activities in order to focus on R&D and manufacturing.

SCI is a trusted partner that supports medical device distribution with a diversified set of capabilities that ensure operational excellence, responsiveness, reliability and cost transparency. All supply chain activities are governed by SCI’s Quality Management System. Innovative processes and continuous improvement methodologies lead to cost savings, efficiencies, and improved productivity.

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers

Market pressures are driving change in the global healthcare sector, including Canada. Growing healthcare expenditures and limited funding create financial pressures on healthcare providers.
By 2036, it is projected that there will be more than 10 million seniors in Canada, leading to greater demand for healthcare, which means that the industry stakeholders will have to re-think their traditional business models. Funding and care delivery must change in order to ensure sustainable, long-term high quality patient care.

Improved healthcare is a result of enhanced system coordination, including supply chain. SCI is committed to supporting and strengthening functional integration alongside health system partners. SCI channels its patient-focused attitude to engineer and execute supply chain solutions that ensure accountability and compliance while decreasing costs.

Natural Health Products

Natural Health Products

Natural health has become a popular interest for consumers, increasing the demand for relevant products. Natural health companies need to leverage this demand and organize effective distribution to stores or directly to their end consumers.

Leading natural health businesses rely on SCI’s experience in B2B and B2C order fulfillment and distribution, including retail and individual package kitting. SCI’s Quality Management Systems ensure that the natural health product supply chain complies with the most current government standards and regulations. SCI practices Import Product Testing Management to ensure that your products are acceptable for distribution and vending in Canada. The companies also tap into SCI’s expertize in e-commerce, and leverage the supply chain solutions integrated with transportation. SCI provides flexible services and cost-to-serve options to help you deliver better outcomes to your customers. You get a lean, nimble partner that plugs right into your core business.


Life Science

With life expectancy on the rise, it is required that life science products such as pacemakers, artificial heart valves, hip and knee implants, or synthetic skin are more accessible than ever to patients. It is important to find supply chain services that are flexible and compliant with regulations.

SCI provides validated environmentally controlled storage to ensure that your products are maintained in accordance to the label claims. The lifecycle of each supply chain transaction is managed with SCI’s Quality Validated Information Technology System, ensuring the necessary controls and visibility to product flow. SCI’s scalable Quality Management Systems are here to ensure the safety of your products, delivering a better outcome for your patients. With warehouse and quality control systems such as Import Product Testing, quarantine storage, and product recall execution, SCI makes your supply chain even better.

Contact SCI to learn more about Medical Devices, Healthcare Providers, Natural Health and Life Science. Learn why our healthcare clients have discovered the benefits of partnering with SCI, and why we’re considered the most trusted, accountable and skilled 3PL in Canada.

Focus on patient care and deliver better outcomes

SCI provides the healthcare community with reduced costs, streamlined processes and improved patient outcomes through integrated supply chain solutions. Housed in SCI’s cGMP compliant facilities, your medical products are under very tight control to guarantee their integrity.

SCI can easily support healthcare clients in performing their annual Health Canada audits which are often announced on a very short notice. We eliminate the extra effort and hassle by always being audit-ready. SCI simplifies product recall by tracking lot and serial numbers, providing receipt inspections, and offering quarantine services while utilizing a robust and scalable warehouse management system.


A wide range of healthcare organizations rely on SCI supply chain solutions. Our commitment to clients’ results is demonstrated by numbers:

On-time delivery 99.9%
Dock to Stock 99.9%
Fill Rate 99.9%
Perfect Order 97%
Inventory Accuracy 99.9%