Retail Bonded Warehousing

Once a luxury, receiving goods from foreign countries has become exceedingly attainable for the average person. The retail environment has changed dramatically in the last few years. It seems that very recently consumers were only able to purchase products from local retail stores, which in turn led to limitations for both the consumer and the retailer. Presently, e-commerce is the solution to those limitations, as customers can consume goods beyond the retailer’s hours of business and also while surpassing geographical boundaries. Unquestionably, this introduces many opportunities for retailers to distribute their products and brand beyond their locality, increasing their market size, revenue and global brand awareness.As it is apparent, the delivery of retail goods does not only occur exclusively within Canada; it also consists of goods being shipped from other countries. Before these imported products are shipped and delivered to the end consumer, a special stage is employed where the international goods are placed in a customs-controlled warehouse and stored there until the outstanding duty is paid, ultimately progressing into your supply chain without wasting any time at ports, and reaching your consumers faster. SCI’s Retail Bonded Warehousing solutions are extremely beneficial for international omni channel businesses that wish to market and sell their products in Canada.Some of the benefits of Retail Bonded Warehousing with SCI include:

  • Efficient and prompt entrance into the country, which consequently speeds up access to your customers
  • Advancing into your supply chain without having to wait at ports
  • Ensuring a safe and secure facility for the imported goods until duties are paid

As a nationally leading and exceptionally diverse third party logistics solutions provider with over 30 years of unique and valuable experience, SCI continuously delivers outstandingly innovative, highly accommodating and exceptionally unmatched solutions to their retail clients. With the increased demand in e-commerce where consumers are not limited to where they can acquire goods from, and the fact that geographical barriers are no longer a limitation, Bonded Warehousing becomes an extremely practical and necessary solution for retail businesses outside of the country.

SCI understands your Retail Bonded Warehousing needs in the dynamic and competitive retail environment and will increasingly enhance the importing process, consequently making it more efficient for you and ultimately resulting in improved customer service for your valued consumers, which is why SCI is the favoured partner for retail clients.

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