Retail Value-Added Services

In the dynamic and highly competitive retail environment, it is important to understand that lost time from activities not related to getting your products in your customer’s hands can be immensely damaging. As an omni channel retailer, your focus is directed towards enabling your consumers to purchase and quickly receive your products.

SCI’s distribution, order fulfillment, and inventory management operations are not the only processes that can improve your overall customer service. Retail value-added services complement the fundamental services that contribute to the overall success of your retail e-commerce business. SCI works hard to make sure that its omni channel retail clients are confident that they can serve their valued consumers without having to worry about these required extra activities that may be labour-heavy and time consuming, and ensuring that these value added services help achieving the main objective of satisfying the end consumers. We collaborate with our retail clients to develop the best plans and programs that will add value to their e-commerce operations.

SCI’s Retail Value-Added services include:

General services

  • Assembly, specialized kitting, and packaging
  • Repacking
  • Quality inspection/repair
  • Asset tagging, such as barcoding and RFIDs
  • Retail returns processing (Reverse Logistics)

Retail services

  • Re-ticketing
  • Labeling
  • Promotional/season packaging
  • Security control application
  • Repair and alterations – point-of-sale displays
  • Post-sales support for delivered technical equipment such as POS systems to your retail stores
  • Other services such as retail Bonded Warehousing to store goods from retailers outside of Canada wishing to distribute their products to Canadian consumers, and Quality Assurance control, engaging in processes that are used to measure the quality of a product, ensuring they meet the consumer’s expectations

Ecommerce services

  • Gift wrapping
  • Specialized packaging
  • Return label insertion
  • Personalized notes
  • Boxed sets
  • Subscription services

Apparel services

  • GOH (garment on hanger)
  • Sewing
  • Pre-retail services such as labeling and relabeling, tagging, and repackaging
  • Folding
  • Unpack and hang; hanger change
  • Polybag
  • Size ring
  • Alarm attachment
  • Clip, button, and belt
  • Press and steam

In combination with the core retail related services and operations, from receiving the customer order to delivering this order to them, SCI’s value-added services eliminate extra touch points in the retail supply chain while reducing costs. SCI’s omni channel retail clients benefit from the value-added services due to the fact that this allows them to confidently dedicate their time and energy to the end result, getting their products to end consumers as fast as possible, leading to efficiencies in their business operations. For example, if SCI takes care of the packaging in the DC, a reduction in transportation time to a packaging facility can consequently reduce the lead time while keeping your inventory levels low.

SCI can help perfect your supply chain processes and provide you with the information and services you require to successfully manage your retail business.

Contact us today and see how our Retail Value-Added supply chain logistics services can fill in the gaps and improve the efficiency of your retail or ecommerce business.