Save Up to 20% in Duty & Tariff Costs Using Section 321.

With rising supply chain costs, and fluctuations in consumer e-commerce spending, leveraging the duty and tariff savings from Section 321 shipping is a real, tangible way to put money back into your direct-to-consumer business.

Download our free guide now to learn:

  • The competitive advantages of using Section 321
  • How the Section 321 process works
  • How to get set-up for Section 321 shipping
  • Rules and regulations you should know about Section 321

Free Section 321 Guide: How to Get Started

What is Section 321?

Section 321 is an exemption in the Canada-U.S.-Mexico Agreement that allows small shipments to enter the U.S. duty-free. For direct-to-consumer (DTC) ecommerce retailers, this offers an opportunity to reduce your cost per unit through waived or refunded import duties on items that enter Canada bound for U.S. recipients, without affecting the customer’s experience.

Save up to 20% on duties and tariffs

Deliver a seamless customer experience

Fulfill orders directly to U.S. consumers from Canada

Immediate bottom line impact

Avoid U.S. tariffs on orders under $US 800 in value

Save up to 20% on duties and tariffs

Deliver a seamless customer experience

Immediate bottom line impact

Fulfill orders directly to U.S. consumers from Canada

Avoid U.S. tariffs on orders under $US 800 in value

Is Section 321 Shipping Right For You?

Use the check list below to see if you’re eligible for Section 321 shipping:

  • You source finished goods outside of North America
  • Orders are bound for U.S. consumers
  • Individual orders are valued at less than $US 800
  • Orders weigh less than 50lbs (22Kg)

You qualify for Section 321! Download our free guide to learn how to get started.

Section 321 Shipping
how to get started with section 321

Want to know how to get started shipping with Section 321, including what forms need to be completed in order to start shipping cross-border? Download our free guide now.

Download Free Section 321 Guide

Why Choose SCI as Your Section 321 Partner?

SCI’s team of Section 321 North American supply chain experts work with your brand to understand the benefits of duty drawback and duty elimination, and guide you through the Section 321 process.

Consult with our team of Section 321 experts

Our team supports you from start to finish with strategic planning and consultation to help your brand reduce or eliminate your import duty tariff costs and comply with non-resident trade regulations.

Delight customers with fast, seamless delivery

With Section 321 you’ll ship products from our Canadian facilities to your consumers in the U.S., but the delivery experience will be no different than if it was fulfilled domestically.

Develop a competitive North American e-commerce strategy

SCI has in-depth knowledge of the U.S. and Canadian supply chain industry, and relationships with top US carriers to help you develop a streamlined cross-border strategy.

Reach 80% of US consumers in under 3 days

SCI’s last mile-delivery partner network can reach 80% of the U.S. in under 3 days.

Reduce your cost per unit

Save up to 20% on duties and tariffs using the Section 321 exemption, reducing your shipping costs.

Access our coast to coast network

Stay responsive coast to coast with seamless inbound services via our Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal facilties.

SCI’s team worked closely with us to help us understand the benefits of Section 321 and guided us through the process from start to finish. Thanks to their expertise we’ve been able to expand our business and conveniently reach U.S. consumers.

Victor Levis | CFO/COO at Freemark Apparel Brands International

Learn More With Our Section 321 Guide

Do you already know the basics about Section 321 shipping, but don’t know how to get started? Our free guide covers what you need to know to get set up for Section 321 shipping, and delves deeper into the overall process so you can start saving on duty and tariff costs.