High Value Product Transportation

SCI is a market leader in white glove shipping of high value products, and our technology clients highly recognize SCI’s specialization and unlimited expertise in this service. In the technology sector, white glove shipping involves the shipment of large, fragile, or sensitive equipment. Not only is the shipping component important, installation and removal are as well, which is why SCI’s end-to-end capabilities are incomparable in the industry. Products delivered by SCI White Glove’s High Value Product Transportation include but are not limited to servers, printers, scanners, kiosks and other high tech and valuable equipment. At SCI, high value product transportation comprises of unique shipments which require precise handling, and an expert team of highly skilled individuals to execute the delivery.

Our fleet of trucks and skilled drivers ensure expedited transportation across the country and into the United States. Enabled through our own White Glove network, the specialized fleet is equipped with handheld computers and cellular communications, as well as GPS tracking devices to monitor and advise the status of your shipments.

Some of the benefits of SCI’s White Glove High Value Product Transportation services include:

  • Deployment planning and project management of your high value shipments
  • Multi-person teams in the delivery process that ensure optimum efficiency and productivity
  • Configuration centres across Canada in major cities to cater to our clients all over the nation
  • Site inspections that are done prior to a delivery to evaluate the site and ensure the necessary moving equipment, site constraints/hazards, and resting place for equipment
  • Moving gear and lifts that are used to deliver the equipment into the site
  • Heavy rigging using cranes, skates and other rigging gear to lift into difficult to reach areas
  • Installation, assembly, and removal support (de-installation, debris removal, etc.)
  • Secure client portal for track & trace reporting
  • Mobility solutions through barcode scanning, imaging, picture and signature capture, GPS monitoring and GEO stamping in the field, and customer checklist surveys

Through SCI White Glove’s safe and secure pick up, transport, delivery, installation and de-installation, shippers can effectively cater to their customers’ unique needs. SCI White Glove has the tools and expertise necessary to transport your high value products, which is why we are the favoured partner for our technology clients.

Contact SCI White Glove for more information on High Value Product Transportation for our technology clients, and how partnering with a leading Canadian 3PL can improve your business results.