White Glove Shipping & Transportation

Handling valuable high-tech equipment requires extreme care. That’s why SCI has invested in a fleet of air-ride padded and climate controlled trucks along with a team of highly trained, experienced and certified professionals. SCI is a market leader in white glove transportation, continuously exceeding clients’ expectations.

SCI White Glove Transportation Benefits Include:

  • Coverage – the largest specialized delivery network in Canada with a dedicated technician-driver fleet covering more than 90% of the populated areas on SCI’s assets
  • Dependable Expertise – SCI White Glove’s depth of expertise ensures the safe delivery and proper installation of high-value products. We conduct a pre-site inspection to identify the access points, sources of power, equipment requirements, etc., to minimize downtime on installation day
  • Safe Transportation – SCI White Glove’s padded and climate controlled vehicles are provided with air-ride suspension to prevent damage to delicate high-tech equipment
  • Precise Handling – Precise handling by highly trained and certified professionals is the promise that SCI White Glove makes to its clients. How do we deliver on the promise? A two-person crew with technical training, carrying specialized moving equipment and holding liability clearance will deliver your high-value product. Our crews have the ability to operate in a sensitive manner, often moving into tight or obstructed areas (basements, server rooms, etc.).
  • Special equipment – Fridge carts, piano skids, 4-wheel dollies, hydraulic computer carts, automatic stair crawlers, etc. and, of course, moving pads and straps.
  • Quality installation – SCI White Glove does a lot more than safely dropping off your product on-time; we:
    • Unpack the high-tech equipment and disposes of the packaging or crating;
    • Provide installation of the equipment and de-installation of the old equipment when needed;
    • Set up, connects and tests the equipment, so when the crew leaves, it is up and running to your satisfaction
  • Complete Traceability – As an SCI White Glove client, you may keep close tracking of your high-tech equipment in real time since our delivery crews are all provided with leading edge mobile technology allowing for:
    • Bar code scanning and imaging
    • Picture and signature capture
    • GPS monitoring and GEO stamping in the field
    • Customer checklist surveys

Added benefits of dealing with the SCI White Glove team include:

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Monitored security 24 hours a day

At SCI, we encourage a very positive culture that goes above and beyond our clients’ needs and requirements. SCI White Glove certainly reflects that culture with its most sophisticated services, equipment, and with certified and very dedicated personnel.

If you require delivery and professional installation of high-tech equipment, SCI White Glove specialized freight services is here to help – contact us today.