Technology Post Sales Logistics

The servicing of high-tech equipment is critical to a customer as downtime means loss of productivity and lost productivity equals lost revenue. Are your customers tired of waiting for a technician to show up, only to then have to wait for a spare part to be delivered and for the technician to come back to install it? SCI has post sales logistic solutions that will leave your customers far more satisfied.

SCI services your equipment from the moment it is delivered and installed straight through to end of life, when it’s time for replacement or disposal; this entails:

  • Installing, setting up and testing the equipment
  • Regular preventive maintenance
  • Warranty and out of warranty repairs
    • E.g., 13,800 Point-of-Sale (POS) device repairs completed in the last 12 months
  • Technical support and trouble shooting
  • Logistics Management of critical replacement and spare parts
  • Options for disposal, recycling and liquidation

If you are relocating, or need some equipment update or an extra unit, SCI offers IMAC (install, move, add, change) with additional benefits:

  • Call center to help manage these projects
  • Call center to manage all IT help tickets
  • Web portals to support self service

And more:

  • Supply, swap and delivery of spare parts; replenishment of new parts to technicians, removal and handling of damaged parts
  • Sometimes a part can be repaired, other times it has to be disposed of
    • E.g., “zero landfill policy” ensures that a copier toner is recycled, and metal is sent to a metal reclaiming facility in the United States for environment-friendly Super Recycling
  • Finished goods swap: when the equipment’s lifecycle is over, SCI will pick it up and replace it with a new unit
  • SCI uses a sophisticated inventory management system (SAP) for full traceability through seamless integration of your system with SCI’s
  • SCI proactively communicates with technicians to avoid delays and downtime
  • There is a work space dedicated to technicians at most of our field locations
  • Remote support is available for self-service, e.g. reinstalling Windows on a computer
  • Project Management resources provided for major roll backs or asset recoveries

If reducing the cost of the critical parts network and ensuring the highest uptime rate in the industry matters, turn to SCI. Its customized solutions and best in class services have convinced major high-tech companies to partner with SCI.

For high-tech equipment requiring special care and handling, use SCI White Glove high value product transportation services. We handle everything from delivery and installation of high-value manufacturing equipment to other highly technical devices. Our White Glove team always has the solution.

Pick Up / Drop Off (PUDO)

No other company is like SCI. Reaching 97% of residential addresses within 1.5 miles of Pick Up / Drop Off (PUDO) locations and 94% of commercial and business addresses within 15 miles, SCI stands out as a leading national technology supply chain service provider.

The benefits of SCI’s PUDO include:

  • 7,200 strategically placed PUDO locations across Canada make pick-up & drop-off easy
  • PUDO visits can be scheduled within the field technician’s working day so that productivity is optimized, with successful call completion rate increased
  • The PUDO network allows technicians to drop parts off at any point during their work day allowing for their timely return, increasing efficiency and more accurate inventory management versus stock piling of equipment in trunks

Field Stocking Locations

SCI’s technology post sales logistics services feature national Sameday rush distribution network facilitating critical deliveries from strategically located depots. This includes:

  • National network of 35+ field stocking locations across all provinces in Canada:
    • Metro, urban, rural, and remote
    • Downtown locations
  • 24x7x365 availability
  • Order pick to delivery done on a rush basis between 30/60/90 min, 2 hour, or end of day
  • 94% of Canadian businesses are located within 4 hours of SCI’s field stocking locations, resulting in optimum reach

Technology Parts Planning

SCI removes the worries associated with parts planning, field selection and replenishment strategies. Partnering with SCI will free your time for core activities such as selling your products and managing your business’ growth, and lead to a competitive advantage in your industry.

SCI’s experts will determine how many parts are stored and where, in order to best accommodate your customers’ service level agreements. After hours processes are in place for 24/7/365 parts availability, reducing downtime and productivity loss for your customers.

SCI’s role is to provide clients with:

  • Efficient parts planning
  • Reduced inventory levels
  • Improved velocity
  • Increased operational efficiencies
  • Enhanced customer experience

The parts planning solutions include:

  • Strategic site planning
  • Inventory level planning
  • Rebalancing and replenishment of stock
  • Rush deliveries on the basis of 30, 60, 90 minutes, 2 hours, or end of day
  • Direct drive and next flight out delivery services are also available

If you have been looking for a Canadian 3PL provider focused on your needs and achieving better results for your organization, look no further – SCI welcomes the challenge of surpassing your expectations.

Contact SCI to learn more about SCI’s Post Sales Logistics capabilities, PUDO, Parts Planning services, and Field Stocking Locations.