Technology Order Fulfillment

The strength of SCI as a partner is their unique ability to be one of the few companies with end-to-end capabilities in place for the technology sector. Unlike other companies that put together basic services into basic solutions, SCI manages turn-key integrations in one group for their clients, with no need for you to outsource different elements of the supply chain to multiple service providers.

With SCI’s expertise in both the supply chain and the specifics of the technology industry, the company is a leader in providing order fulfillment support to the technology segment. SCI’s order fulfillment in the technology sector is broken down into two key groups, New Installation (move/add/change) and Field Service (break/fix).

New Installation includes:

  • Centralized order desk
  • Various methods of order submission: electronic, phone, web portal
  • New deployment
  • Product acquisition
  • Pre-configuration/staging
  • Delivery to site
  • On-site installation
  • On-site configuration
  • IMACD services
  • Forward stocking locations for advance staging of deployments

Field Services include:

  • SWAP programs such as advance exchange, courier replace / install and technician install
  • 2nd and 3rd level remote install support
  • On-site configuration, networking, and assembly
  • End to end ticket management

With over 35+ parts locations and 27 distribution centres across Canada, SCI is the order fulfillment partner of choice in forward logistics strategies for the technology industry, fully capable of not only meeting but also exceeding the expectations of the vast range of clients.

Contact SCI to discover more about Order Fulfillment in the technology sector services and unlock the benefits of partnering with a nationally leading supply chain solutions provider.