Technology Inventory Management

When your supply chain operations are not outsourced to trusted, experienced partners, you are more exposed to losing focus on the key components of your operations (e.g. inventory management). SCI has an integrated Inventory Management system, managing over 150,000 spare parts with 35+ field stocking locations and 27 regional distribution centres across the country. By managing both the original item and its part components, SCI provides unique value in their inventory management for the technology sector. SCI’s inventory management module is integrated into the Technology Life Cycle IT platform so it is pre-integrated with other modules for managing transportation, warehouse systems, technical centers, and field services.

SCI’s Inventory Management benefits include:

  • Multi-level management through serial number tracking, product number tracking, or SKU control to ensure detailed inventory management, warranting inventory integrity, and accuracy
  • Remote asset tracking through the network to determine physical locations
  • Staging inventory management
  • Kitting program (e.g. putting together cell phone packages with SIM card, manuals, chargers, etc.)

Contact SCI for more information on our inventory management system and discover the benefits of partnering with a nationally leading supply chain solutions provider with diverse capabilities in the technology industry logistics.