Forward Logistics

Streamline costs, minimize downtime by partnering with SCI. Leverage its National supply chain network and technical services

Technical Services

A wide range of logistics services including configuration, staging, installation, networking, repairs, and call centre support

Reverse Logistics

SCI simplifies reverse logistics for technology products, providing parts salvaging, disposal, recycling, recovery & disposition

Transportation Services

From White Glove logistics solutions to same day delivery, trust SCI to enhance the customer experience and be cost effective


SCI provides logistics services to many “blue chip” companies. These figures illustrate how effective your supply chain is at meeting your goals:

99.5% on time rate
99.9% success rate for staging/configuration of capable units
97% first time fix in the field


SCI is the logical solution for a broad range of High-Tech industry sectors. SCI’s technical expertise covers all phases of the full technology lifecycle, with services including configuration, staging, swap, installation, network connection,refurbishing, and repair.

Computer Servers

SCI is a market leader in white glove shipping with experience in the delivery, installation, setup or decommissioning of web, file & media servers, as well as rack storage systems or cabinetry in server room environments

Kiosk Systems

SCI addresses logistics requirements of automated kiosks (self-service, rental, or vending machines), and provides white glove transportation and technical support such as setup, installation, network connectivity, or decommissioning

Copier and Printers

From a wide range of multi-functional printers used in offices to high-end production equipment for print houses, SCI provides complete end-to-end supply chain logistics solutions designed to address any equipment requirements

POS - Point of Sale Terminals

Providing service and support on a national scale to many retailers and Value Added Resellers, SCI is especially attentive to the data security and mission critical requirements associated with managing POS equipment

Smart Phones, Handheld Computers

Whether it’s wireless phones or other handheld computer devices, SCI is a segment leader with deep roots in the telecommunications industry for 25+ years, providing product lifecycle management solutions from distribution to disposition


SCI provides deployment of digital signage solutions, including system configuration/staging, on-site cabling, and other installation related services, along with ongoing support and end of life decommissioning

ATMs, Bank Machines, Smart Safes

SCI has installed 10,000+ ATMs and bank machines through swap and refresh programs over the last 3 years alone. With extensive expertise in field and site management, SCI delivers results with minimized business disruption and best in class security

PVRs, Cable TV Boxes and Modems

Annually, SCI performs over 700,000 tests to repair cable and satellite TV set top boxes and PVRs and high speed internet modems, along with addressing the full range of reverse logistics returns requirements associated with the equipment

Xerox partnered with SCI 30 years ago.

Today, SCI manages all Xerox copiers across Canada. With the “Print ready Program” SCI performs all logistics and technical work from delivering and powering up a new copier, upgrading software and components, to providing onsite training. This winning combination of service excellence and efficiency is resulting in significant savings.

In addition, SCI manages the removal of old copiers including salvaging re-usable parts to re-inject into the parts network to support future repairs; obsolete products are destroyed in full compliance with SCI’s zero landfill policy.  Together, we optimize our resources and talents to deliver a long term solution that is effective and eco-responsible. Built on trust, the relationship has steadily developed into a fully managed and coherent supply chain across Canada, leveraging four specific modules: forward and reverse logistics, technical and transportation services.

Each module works on a common IT platform across the network making it possible to access one service module and expand into others as the need arises. This type of big impact solutions is one of the reasons why Office Solution organizations turn to SCI for all of their supply chain needs.

Wireless handset manufacturer


If streamlining costs, optimizing your supply chain and access to a breadth of exceptional services are what you expect from a 3PL, SCI’s customized logistics solutions are the answer. Partner with SCI and enjoy a leaner supply chain.

Pre-installation configuration, staging and preparation ahead of time for maximum efficiency onsite.

Swap, high quality de-installation, installation, network connectivity and testing by skilled and certified technicians.

SCI repairs onsite or out and refurbishes parts in no time to keep your business fully operational.

End of life equipment, recycling for resell or disposing of parts according to SCI’s strong zero landfill policy.