How to Get Started with Section 321.

Are You Ready to Save up to 20% in Duty and Tariff Costs with Section 321?

Section 321 is an exemption in the Canada-U.S.-Mexico Agreement that allows small shipments to enter the U.S. duty free.

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) retailers like yours are using Section 321 to save money through waived and refunded duties on items that enter Canada bound for U.S. customers.

Not sure how to get started? This free detailed guide outlines the process of getting set up for Section 321 shipping, and offers other helpful information. You’ll learn:

  • How the Section 321 process works
  • The competitive advantages of using Section 321
  • How to get set-up for Section 321 shipping
  • Rules and regulations you should know about Section 321

Download Free Guide to Get Started

Download the Free Section 321 Guide