Configuration, Staging and Disk Imaging

Equipment configuration, staging and imaging are among the unique and highly valued technical services offered to clients by SCI. These services support new technology deployments of computing or office equipment that require custom image loads and / or hardware integration.

SCI makes sure that your high-tech equipment is operable soon after it arrives at your end customer’s site. Ensuring that all parts of a solution are interconnected physically and logically, and testing them prior to installation reduces on-site labour and maximizes deployment success.

SCI’s Configuration, Staging and Imaging technical services include:

  • Configuring the most fitted operating system and software release
  • Setting, as well as testing requirements to communicate to the wireless networks
  • Staging devices and equipment that construct a complete solution with all the components communicating and collaborating effectively (e.g. a grocery store cash register linked to a computer monitor, debit / credit machine, cash drawer, electronic scale, and other components)
  • New installations
  • New device activations
  • Trouble shooting of on-site issues
  • Software imaging and loading it on your products that involve custom image loads and hardware integration
  • Integration of Mac and IP addresses
  • Software flashing
  • Repair, part and component salvage, scrapping with certification, recycling according to the best practices
  • Branding and customizing
  • Data deletion/erasure
  • Central Technical Call Center support for remote services such as self install and break / fix
  • Asset tagging and serial number capture for monitoring and tracking products

Staffed with highly trained technicians and engineers, SCI understands your business needs and delivers logistical solutions that lower your total cost of ongoing ownership of high-tech equipment.

Contact SCI to learn more about how our logistics services can help your business with configuration, staging and handling computer disk imaging as part of our technical service solutions.