Refurbishing, repair, and parts salvaging

SCI has a wide breadth of specialized post sales logistics capabilities; as part of the product lifecycle management it provides refurbishing, repair, and parts salvaging solutions that help clients recover their investments in technology products while remaining environmentally conscious. Complete disposal of a defective product is costly to companies and damaging to the environment. SCI helps clients mitigate these negative factors by testing products to identify their warranty status, type of damage, level of repair required, or an opportunity to recover parts that can be later reused, and making logical decisions about their technical treatment, thus enhancing the recovered worth of returned or defective products.

The benefits of SCI’s Refurbishing and Repairs services include:

  • Reducing costs associated with repairs through tests that identify the specific area in need of fixing
  • Lessen wasted time and money associated with the product’s travelling back and forth from repair vendors
  • Speeding up the cycle to quickly remarket your product

Control the cost and raise the level of your customer service without investing your time and capital into building a repair or refurbishment network from the ground up – leverage SCI’s infrastructure of field stocking locations, repair labs and technician workbenches, and a competent team of more than 200 technicians that works for you 24 / 7. SCI’s portfolio includes but not limited to:

  • 3rd and 4th level repair
  • Field or depot repair
    • 97% first time fix in the field
  • Warranty and out of warranty repairs
    • For example, 13,800 Point-of-Sale (POS) device repairs have been completed in the last 12 months
  • Spare parts management
  • End-to-end ticket management

Parts Salvaging is a highly beneficial post sales logistics service offered by SCI. As equipment and products consist of many different components and parts, SCI is able to identify which of these parts are still useful and which should be discarded. Through this process, rare components or useful parts can be recycled or reused, and added to your pool of replacement parts, decreasing the ecological footprint and ultimately saving you money.

Learn how SCI can help your organization become more efficient, regardless of the industry sector you are operating in, with our complete Refurbishing, Repair, and Parts Salvaging solutions.