End of Lifecycle Logistics - Disposal

Disposal of materials or products at the end of their lifecycle is a complex area, legally, technically, and ethically. In accordance to the security and privacy legislation, SCI works hard to appropriately dispose of equipment while avoiding privacy and security related breeches, through the implementation of certified destruction.

Managing end-of-life with respect to electronic equipment, in particular the various types of media that actually contain data, such as hard disk drives, solid state hard drives, memory cards, USB thumb drives, recordable CD media and other magnetic media, is a very serious area of concern for all businesses. SCI takes pride in their deep understanding and expertise in the correct disposal of equipment and products for the Technology, Healthcare and Omni-Channel Retail Industries.

We understand that, in order to reduce the risk of security breeches, one of the best ways is to ensure that the various media types mentioned previously never physically leave your premises. SCI can provide mobile shredding technology, which ensures that the hard drives, backup tapes, and other storage media types are completely destroyed at your location.

In addition, the entire process is logged and records maintained for full compliance with data privacy regulations in Canada.

While remaining environmentally conscious, prior to disposal SCI evaluates the product and its parts to decide whether anything can be re-used through parts salvaging. Logical decision making helps SCI determine if something can be resold, refurbished, or used for parts salvaging.

Contact SCI to learn more about our logistics data disposal solutions, and other services provided as a part of a complete product lifecycle management solution for your supply chain.